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Riding without a chain

Tip of the day:

When one is rolling their bike around a carpark (you know... to be sure the tires are on correctly and feel OK), but without a chain on the bike (you know... 'cos you have taken the old one off but yet to fit the new one), do not stand up on the pedals!

If you stand up you'll forget there is no chain on your bike and try and pedal off, smashing your leading knee against the bars and almost OTB'ing at the same time.

Doh! Sticking out tongue

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I know what you mean Gav

In theory I should be 85kg, doing sub 40 min laps around the dam and waking up next to a beautiful woman most mornings of the week.

Saddly, reality has only delivered me one of those, lucky its the right one

Let there be light

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Cupcake Upgrades!

Is there something we should know about Cupcake he isn't telling us? Is he a Cyborg? What's all this about him and Androids?

cupcake is still very much a work in progress

No Sh!t! Eye-wink

Erm... followed by...

Update: cupcake has been merged into master.

OK, OK... I stopped reading there!

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Less carbs?

Spotted in the pub on Sunday. Don't bike riders need more carbs? Eye-wink

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I mean, seriously... WTF?

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The Winner

Below is a preview, click to read the full post

Check this out... the old man has pulled this out from his garage. It's an old 10 speed Raleigh Winner from my childhood. Well, from mid-teens - it's 21" frame IIRC. It came with drops but I liked the flat bars more, even back then. Looks like he's been playing with the geometry though, I don't recall it being that way! Eye-wink

There's a dyno that fits under the bottom bracket and runs against the flat of the tyre, rather than one that runs on the edge of the tyre like most do. Powers a front halogen headlight. This was all pretty hi-tech back then Eye-wink

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You know you're addicted when...

... you see pictures of a new home, and it has a deck, and you think, "Nice space for bike maintenance"

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tines day...

Best Mountain Bike