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Red Hill

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Red Hill

Does anyone know if Red Hill is still open? I was hoping to get up there this weekend but a friend told me that it was closed the last time he went.

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If anyones riding .......

Red Hill tomorrow daytime, can you let me know its condition, I'm thinking of doing a night ride tomorrow.



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4WD top of 100 mtr hIll today WTF....

Around 3pm where 100 mtr Hill meets main trail up from Maybrook and past the Abo carvings a ute & Suzuki 4wd's.

Kids looking for a way around to Cromer.

I did advise them they would be heavily fined if caught, I was more impressed with the fact they drove down and up from Maybrook.

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Is Red Hill still to wet too ....

Ride ....

Any info is welcome, was thinking of riding on Sunday.

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Found Fluro Jacket

Found Fluro Jacket at Red Hill this morning. Looked Like it had fallen out of a backpack. There were a few trail runners before us if anyone knows them.

PM me the colour or brand to arrange to collect.

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Red Hill

Red Hill (unedited)

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Psymaan's Cycling Cyclops - Pslalom through the Pscenery

MTB action video from locations in NSW including Ourimbah, Manly Dam, Red Hill, Royal National Park, Lake Parramatta, and the Blue Mountains.

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Red Hill parking issues

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Hi all,

I'm writing this as both a mountain biker and as a member of the Beacon Hill Rural Fire Brigade (located near the bottom of Willandra Rd).

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Ride Monday

Scored a day off work this Monday, riding Red Hill around 9-12 entering from the Cromer Rd end. If anyones out & about, I'm on Norco.


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