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Rideeye Cycling 'black box'

Given other discussions going on around here, this could be a timely project:

What makes this interesting is that it has claimed 12 hour battery life, and records a 1 hour continuous loop which is saved at the press of a button or if the unit detects a crash.

Little heavy at 300g, but it's built to survive a crash and the price is good.

Any backers?

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Camera for New Zealand

Hi, heading to New Zealand in two weeks

Any advice on a cheap and cheerful point and click digital.

Something that is easy to fit in a pocket and retrieve quickly.

Budget up to $150 maybe more.


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go pro problems/issues

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

hey guys I've had problems with my go pro ranging from it rattling inside its case when riding to the bracket holding it to the mount breaking. the new mount cost me $7 plus $9 postage(what a rip off)

I've tried bubble rap to stop the rattle but that hasn't worked

any suggestions?>>>>...

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Contour GPS Camera Review

Here's a review I wrote for Bicycles Network Australia on teh helmet cam I've been playing with, for those who may be interested:

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Help! I need a helmet cam buddie

Having recently acquired a new 'Hero helmet cam' I quickly realised it makes pretty dull post ride viewing if you're on your own! If anyone fancies doing a couple of laps of the dam at the weekend let me know. I usually do a lap in around 40 mins so I guess I'm about average fitness. I'm originally from the UK and can't wait to send the footage home to show my mates what they're missing in the northern beaches.

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Camera for MTB riders?

Below is a preview, click to read the full post

If you're looking for a go anywhere camera for when you're out on the trails, this sounds quiet promising:

A compact, lightweight, water and dust-resistant, wide-angle, 5x zoom digital camera featuring enhanced shock resistance for outdoor use.

Doesn't look like it has a built in lens cover, which is odd, and as Gizmodo put it:

Does a waterproof and dust-proof camera really have to be as fugly as this?

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Ixus Scratch

What happens when you drop a camera on a downhill course. Luckily it still works!

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We need some examples of footage from this, but it looks promising:

I know there's that Oregon Scientific AT18 thing, but as discussed (ATA Vids) it's output was not so impressive.

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