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Relief for AU retail & LBS's in particular?

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Hi everyone,

I work for an online retailer registered in AU but not in the cycling industry*

you might all be kind of interested in this.

Its about giving AU retail a level playing field.

Our friend Joe wants to reduce the tax threshold for overseas online purchases. I read somewhere that, or someone on this forum once told me that, retail here in AU employs about 40% of the AU workforce.
So there is plenty of votes for Joe & Tony in this.

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What a difference a week makes...

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Some times things that start out crap can end beautifully.

Last weekend my bike got nicked.... Silver Yeti SB95. I was seriously pi$$ed off. Ive had it for a couple of years and still got a thrill every time I rode it. At some point on every ride, I'd subconsciously find my self saying quietly ' I Love My Bike...' It made me feel like a much better rider than i actually am.

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Local Bike Shops: Responses to common newbie queries

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We often cop flack around here for not doing enough for the local bike shop, so I wanted to try something out and see what kind of response it would get...

The idea was to write to local bricks-and-mortar stores and let them know we wanted to produce a kind of editorial piece on advice from local stores, aimed mainly at relatively new riders, and invite the stores to have input into this. This forum has a large readership and it was explained that taking part would be an ideal opportunity for local stores to provide an insight into their expertise.

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More good service

You have to love walking into the LBS (Cranks in North Sydney in this case) for a brake bleed and walking out 5 mins later with it all done despite the 3 customers/3 staff already in there when you arrive.

Thanks guys! Smiling

Yes, yes, must get an Avid kit, but the 7's I have are now about 18 months old, still perfect, never bled.

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What is going on with Australian Bike Shops????

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I know parts here in Australia are somewhat more expensive then in US, but there some things that I just can’t understand. I’ve been looking for a seal kit for my Fox RP23 shock and I found it in a couple of bike shops near my work and they were charging $40 for the kit. I also found it online from Moruya Bicycles ($29 with shipping). Then I decided to look abroad and found out that this kit costs around $7.00 in US.

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Speaking of LBS

KURINGAI CYCLES - have a 20% off sale (Pacific Hwy Hornsby)

Check it out...bought a trainer there this weekend, if your after a bargain check em out!

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