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For Sale: TWE 29er rims


Used 29er rims sold as a set. The one rim is in very good condition and the second has a few dings. If you are only interested in the good one I will sell for $50. I used to race with these wheels but have moved to carbon rims.

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Suggestions for new rims?

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I'm looking to ugrade the rims on my 2008 Trek Fuel EX-7. The bike came stock with Bontrager Select rims which have held up fairly well but they are relatively heavy and I have had to replace a number of spokes on the rear over the years.
I want to get something Tubeless compatible, sturdy enough to suit my occasional dodgy line selection in around WA trails but light enough for racing club rounds and/or enduros.Budget would be limited to under $1K for the wheelset.
Thoughts & suggestions?


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Slicks for my 29er MTB

Hi Gang, I want to get another set of wheels for my 29er mtb and put a set of slicks on them - I love it so much I dont want to ride my roady anymore! Smiling

Any recommendations for a good quality strong set of rims and also good slick tyres?

Also, slightly off topics, I put my Woodford to Glenbrook ride up on for those of you who are interested. 58 mins ride time.


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