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fork upgrade

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

where's the best place to look for some decent (tho 2nd hand) rockshox or fox forks for specialized rockhopper?

any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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Manly Dam Getting some more Love!

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Saw this on the Warringah Council Website- October, Decent to King St south of Maroa Cres. I'm guessing that's only about 150-200 meters? Still, if they can keep slowly working their way around we will get a relatively weather tolerant track!

Manly Dam Mountain Bike Track Upgrade
WHERE: In Track Section 10 South of Maroa Cres to King Street
WHEN: October

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Ayup Light Upgrades

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I'm considering upgrading my Ayup lights (2009 versions) and was wondering if anyone has any feedback on this.
Looking at upgrading the intermediate light on the bars for the new "flood" version from Ayup.



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Larool Trail Rock Garden

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I was out riding the south side of Terrey Hills today and came across a pretty significant upgrade on the Larool Trail.

From the North end after you cross the creek they've laid tonnes of sandstone and sand to create one hell of a rock garden.

Having only ridden this trail once before I'm guessing that this area gets pretty nasty from the horse stud runoff. While this certainly makes it nicer to ride .. MY GOD IT STINKS. Worse than a public toilet.

They need to do this at the top end of the Sandy Trail.

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What changes would you make on a Trek Fuel EX 5?

What is the first item (or make it top three items) you would replace on a Trek Fuel EX 5?

I’m looking at getting this bike, but are aware that most factory bikes are not perfect, and that most times you would like to make some amendments to them. So I’m wondering what you would change first, maybe even from day one?

Here’s a link to the specs of the Fuel EX 5:


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value of bike

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

hey guys.

went for a ride the other day at mt annan. and i felt well not silly but like i had the worst bike. lol

so i seen everyone with Giants and Yetis. and thought is my bike shit. so i want to get a vaule from the ppl that no best "you guys".
this is what i have.

bike jamis xtc, upgrade to schwalbe black jack 26-2.25, bracks- tektro draco 2p twin pistons, trip com, and pedals odyssey looseball brown 9/16.

so guys tell me what you think. Btw i have only hit the track only three times as im only just getting into this so yea. should i upgrade??

thanks guys and girls.

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Garmin firmware update

FYI there's a firmware upgrade available on the Garmin web site for Edge 605/705 devices.
From 3.10 to 3.20, June 14 2010

One item that caught my attention that I had questioned Garmin support about in the past, and ultimately requested as a future 'feature' is:

Backlight setting now saved to configuration and set automatically on power-on.

I've updated my 705 and will test it out tomorrow.


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Jamis trail X3 upgrade

Hi all
Curious to see what you think is the better more cost effective solution to a better ride. Currently have a Jamis trail X3 2009 which cannot currently handle the type of riding I would like to do eg. drops, small jumps etc standard trail riding / tech. so I am considering upgrading some of the components to make it a better ride or should I just get a new XC bike ? any feedback of your thoughts and recommendations of parts to upgrade or quality XC bikes that ride well and are durable would be great.


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What is involved in a site upgrade?

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For all the non-nerds out there I thought it might be interesting to give a small insight into what was involved with the site upgrade that happened over the weekend.

This also might be useful for any other admins out there upgrading from Drupal 5->6 (D5 to D6). Sadly this is still a little tricky, but hopefully upgrades will become less painful as the product matures.

Although Drupal 6 has been around since Feb 2008 it's taken 16 months to upgrade NoBMoB to this version, and here's why...

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The new site is

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