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Terrey Hills MTB Hire

I'll be visiting Terrey Hills for a couple weeks from next Thursday (from the UK) and want to check out some of the trails nearby. Can anyone recommend somewhere nearby I can hire a couple of mountain bikes (hard tail or full suspension)? I saw from an older post that Manly Bike Tours do hardtails, is this still my best bet or is there somewhere closer?

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MTB Rental


I am new to Sydney so still trying to find my way around. I have a friend over from the US this week and we are looking to go for a ride on Friday afternoon (probably Manly Dam if it is open). He won't have a bike so I am looking to find rental options in/around the city or lower north shore. I have looked ta a few online but most either don't seem to have good quality bikes or will only rent for a minimum period of 2 days (we probably only need 6 hours max).

Any thoughts?


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Bike hire in Rotorua?

Anyone able to give some advice on were to hire a decent AM/Trail bike in Rotorua?
Was going to take my own bike but I have heard some horrors about the low budget airlines and excess baggage charges..


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