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Bike storage

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A tasty pole

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Given plans for an Ikea bike pole fell through I went for one of these. It's called a Velo Cache and made by Feedback Sports - the same guys that make those awesome red anodised workshop stands. Cost a fair bit more but doesn't need to wedge between floor and roof and has a quality feel and look you'd expect from these guys.

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My bike storage.

This is my bike storage at home in the apartment. I wanted to do something a bit unusual as they are hanging in the spare bedroom, so I painted the wall to look like a bike path.

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The Claw

Like all the best inventions this thing looks so simple... so why did no-one think of it sooner? Possibly 'cos a large hook will do the same job? Eye-wink

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Bike Storage

How to fit 3.5 bikes in a spare room. Thanks Bunnings.

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More Ikea Bike Rack Ideas

This is cool, it looks good and is much cheaper than the Minora alternative (Stolmen posts are 55 bucks here in Aus):

We actually use the Broder system which is slightly cheaper and have two of those (Broder) poles in the garage. This one (Stolmen) looks nicer if you want things inside though.

We may have even chosen Stolmen before, but it didn't have bike holders, the above article shows how easy they are to DIY though, very nice.

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Bike storage

Forget outdoor storage, just cram the lounge room!

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