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helmet cam

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Scott 24hr. Red lap compilation

A compilation of the red lap of Scott 24hr 2011.

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Sunnies cam anyone?

Forget that helmet cam you were eyeing up... here's a pair of sunnies with video recorder built right in:

Luckily they have interchangable lenses but still look a little... erm... odd.

Cameras like this need an 'always recording' feature and a button you press to save the last... erm... 60 seconds or so, so you can start your recording after an 'incident'. If you know what I mean?

OK, so only SD for now and clearly a bit limited, but I like the way this tech is going Smiling

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ATC3K vs Tachyon XC - Helmet Cam Review

If anyone is thinking of getting a hetlmet cam you might want to check this out:

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Stuart (and other Helmet-Cam'ers)

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Show me your wares!

I've been working on improving the use of my GoPro Hero Helmet Cam. Mine is the non-wide lense. I have the helmet mount, seat post mount, and head mount. I have found I can use the head mount around my chest but got the angle wrong on test.

Check out my productions. Please feel free to vote/rank and/or leave comment. I know some of the resolutions are poor but it takes ages to upload decent footage to youtube, even with cable.

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Head mounted camera's

Does anyone know of some good head mounted camera's, how much and a link or brand/model?

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Help! I need a helmet cam buddie

Having recently acquired a new 'Hero helmet cam' I quickly realised it makes pretty dull post ride viewing if you're on your own! If anyone fancies doing a couple of laps of the dam at the weekend let me know. I usually do a lap in around 40 mins so I guess I'm about average fitness. I'm originally from the UK and can't wait to send the footage home to show my mates what they're missing in the northern beaches.

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