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Forbidden Trail

This is the 'Main Range Trail'. It runs from Rawson Pass to Charlottes Pass via a more northerly route - look how beautiful it looks snaking away into the distance there.

This would would make an ideal loop for riders. But NPWS don't see it that way and instead spoilt brat bush walkers are the only ones allowed here.

Not happy Jan!

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To Victoria

Looking down to Victoria from Rawson pass.

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Etheridge Ridge

If you look closely you can see Seaman's hut on the horizon at the right.

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High Snowy River

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Ditty Mountain Views

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Snowy Mounain Views

Cupcake admiring the views on trail between Charlottes and Rawson passes.

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Eagles Nest in Summer

Mount York

At a Glance

Status: Unknown
Double Track:
1 for 3.2km (18%)
1 for 2.6km (15%)
1 for 5.7km (31%)
Single Track - Enclosed:
2 for 6.5km (36%)

Mount York Gallery

Three distinct routes from the Mt York peninsular to Hartley Valley below - two single track and a third fire trail make for a few combinations with one thing in common - the 250 vertical metre drop. This is steep, and on occasion, very tricky stuff.

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Menai Views

View of the Woronora River from the trail South of new Illawarra Rd.

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Cox's Views

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