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Jetblack 12 hour

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Happy Nuts at the JetBlack12 Hr

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This race nearly didn’t happen.... A couple of weeks ago Gazza got a job out in Central Australia, and had to pull out of our regular Mixed Nuts team. Martine wasn’t happy to come along on her own with us (I’m still not sure how that reflects on the rest of us.... Eye-wink ), so it was down to Ladytoast and me, as Steve01 wasn't available either.

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Frosty morning at the JetBlack 12 hr

The outlook from the Mixed Nut camp. Serious frost on the bridge and fields

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Jetblack 12 hr - camp nobmob

The Mixed nuts camp in the forground. Damien shivering at about 8am before the race. The temperature was about 5 degrees.

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