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Which GoPro???

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Now I know there are many versions now days and naturally the higher specced version is also the most expensive.

What's the opinion of those owners that use theirs generally to video their MTB riding using the chest mount?

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Lost GoPro along the Narrow Neck Track

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Out riding the Narrow Neck trail Wednesday last week and had a GoPro crack off its mount. Most likely between the Fire Tower and Lookout. We had a look but couldn't see it on the day. If you spot it, it would be appreciated by the owner. Cheers BMORCs!

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Stromlo Baby - The forecast said a wet weekend, but the Trail Gods made good!

This is a compilation of my 1st and 2nd runs on Skyline, Luge, Western Wedgetail, Pork Barrel and Double Dissolution. I'd ridden Western Wedgetail, Skyline and Luge once before but it was just a cruise down behind the boy. This weekend I was out on my own at full pace.

Pork Barrel was amazing! And Double Dissolution was a heap of fun, popping off all the jumps.

Loved it !! My new favourite place to ride.

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Video Fullers Rd Res Downhill - Fred Caterson Res - Featuring Nthn Beaches Rider Pete?? who I met on the trail

Below is a preview, click to read the full post

Someone might be able to confirm that this riders name was Pete (my memory is poor) and loop him in on this video.

He was riding a Kona with Maxxis Ardent tyres - is a Northern Beaches local but currently between places and staying in the Hills area.

I thought he might like to see the video I took of him descending the downhill at Fullers Rd Reserve in the area around Fred Caterson Reserve.

Also thanks for the Tip on Linksley Reserve trail - I climbed all the way up to the backyard and had a chat to the guy who built the descent.

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Manly Dam / Royal National Park MTB + motorcycling

Edited movie of some MTB and roadriding and motorcycling



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GoPro Hero3 Ad.

Well... I think this is meant to be an ad, but it's one of the best 'adventure sports' short clips I've ever seen...

Check the North Shore insanity around 1m20 in!

Enjoy! Laughing out loud

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Movie Manly Dam and The Oaks

Check out my Manly Dam/The Oaks video. Hope you enjoy:

Give me some feedback to improve images if you like.

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go pro problems/issues

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

hey guys I've had problems with my go pro ranging from it rattling inside its case when riding to the bracket holding it to the mount breaking. the new mount cost me $7 plus $9 postage(what a rip off)

I've tried bubble rap to stop the rattle but that hasn't worked

any suggestions?>>>>...

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