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Hi All,

Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere but this may help you find your stolen steed:


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STOLEN Lynskey 29er Titanium with red Rohloff hub - one of a kind

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Instantly recognisable. Contact me when you see it, Reward guaranteed.
Bike: Lynskey 29er Pro
Colour: Titanium, brushed
Date it was stolen: 15/10/2015, from car park at work by commercial thieves. Stole copper pipe and a large contractor's toolbox. Driving a white ute. Caught on camera but could not decipher licence plates.
Where it was stolen: Sydney North Shore, NSW
Specs: Rohloff hub (red), Thomson Elite Layback Seatpost, X-Fusion slide fork, eggbeater pedals

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Protecting your bike

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Alas.. my almost new baby-blue GF Paragon (size small) has been stolen from workplace's basement in North Sydney.. Had just installed new XTR bits on it, gravity dropper - yes, it's quite painful..

1 I am talking about it here in the remote hope my Paragon could be found and maybe other bikes could be made harder to steal,

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