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Cripple Creek

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Status: Unknown
16 for 16km (99%)
Single Track - Enclosed:
1 for 0.1km (1%)

Cripple Creek Gallery

A network of fire trails that spans from Blaxland to Yellow Rock. Great for a short rides. Best for linking the Lower Blue Mountains to create some epic rides.

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All Mountain Tracks NSW and ACT - Suggestions?

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Hi All,

Sorry if this is posted to the wrong place.

My brother and I have the luxury (or lack of forward thinking) to be jobless at the moment. We both quit our jobs, and for the short term, just want to ride.

We're about a month in, and looking to expand our usual riding selections. I'm pretty sure we hit the most common. We hit Ourimbah most commonly, then Awaba or Manly / Hornsby for a quick strap.

Stuff like the gravity enduro / downhill sections are definitely our preference (eg, we loved Stromlo when we visited). Any good suggestions? Happy to drive a couple of hours.

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Anybody able to show me this track or provide me a starting point?

Happy to discuss over PM.

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Menai / Lucas Heights - Its getting close to opening again!!

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Just a note to say that Menai is very close to becoming open again!!! There was a ride day yesterday for the volunteers who have been doing the trail building (upto around 9kms at the moment) of nearly all new trails.

There is more information available on their facebook page: and for anyone who has ridden there previously, its looking good. It has similar feel to how it was originally but with better trail construction.

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Is Anyone Up for a Redhill Ride this Saturday?

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Hi! I'm new to Sydney and have been exploring the trails on the weekends. You've got some nice stuff here Eye-wink

I went to Manly Dam the other week which was really fun. Last Sunday I went to Redhill; it was really fun, but I got pretty lost because – unlike Manly Dam – there's many different trail options to take. So yeah I think I will get a lot more out of it if I head around there with someone else! Plus it's always funner riding with someone else.

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Mt Buller extra long weekend away Feb 29 to Mar 4

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Greetings all,

I have recently been emailing some friends looking at heading down to Mt Buller, leaving Wednesday arvo Feb 29th and arriving home Sunday evening Mar 4th. The drive each way is about 9 hours. I thought I would at least make the offer to anyone that wants to go too. All comers are welcome. Smiling

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