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STOLEN - 2008 Specialized Stumpjumper Elite

Hi All,

Returned from a holiday to find my bike nicked between the dates 14/12/2015 - 15/01/2016.
Stolen from a storage cage inside a 'secure' garage in Rosebery, NSW.

The bike (see picture) has a Thomson stem and seat post with a Gobi XM saddle.

Police have said there have been numerous break-ins to storage cages in the area.

If anyone sees it out and about please let me know.

Thanks, Zeb

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What a difference a week makes...

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Some times things that start out crap can end beautifully.

Last weekend my bike got nicked.... Silver Yeti SB95. I was seriously pi$$ed off. Ive had it for a couple of years and still got a thrill every time I rode it. At some point on every ride, I'd subconsciously find my self saying quietly ' I Love My Bike...' It made me feel like a much better rider than i actually am.

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Bikes stolen... in Manly :-(

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I signed up on here out of desperation to hopefully find our stolen bikes. Sad

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Warning: Multiple car break-in's today at Yellomundee

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Went to ride at Yellomundee today ( tuesday) at about 3pm. My first time there. Parked at the suggested parking area. Several cars were parked there with other riders coming and going (about 6 cars) .
After returning to the cars at 16h15, we found 2 cars broken into and one attempted. Rocks had been thrown through the windows of a Subaru and a Holden and all valuables and bags inside were stolen. The holden also had the door handle broken, the door frame bent by a rock and the windscreen smashed.

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**STOLEN BIKE** Scott Hi Octane

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Hi Guys
This is not how I hoped my first post on the site would turn out but anyway

I went down to my garage in Harbord this morning to find it unlocked and my downhill bike gone. Surprisingly nothing else was touched including my partner and I's XC bikes (both much lower value than this bike), surfboard and power tools which makes me think whoever it was knew what they were looking for. Recently I had been tuning the bike up and cycling around the block checking adjustments etc.

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