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FOX Servicing

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These days local bike shops can replace seals on FOX shocks & forks but that's it. Anything else needs to be done by the importer Sola Sports.

A couple of weeks ago I was at my local bike shop, Velocipede at Parramatta, and told them my shock needed to go to Sola and asked what the quickest turnaround would be as I've heard nightmare stories of delays and every day my shock is away is a day I can't ride...

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Fox CTD issues

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Had a recurring issue with my Fox CTD forks on my 2014 Trance 2 and was interested to know if anyone has experienced the same problems.

From what I gather and I'm pretty sure this was the case when the bike was new but the CTD position should sit at about 5, 3 and 1 o'clock respectively for the climb trail and descend position (as you look down on the fork from the seating position).

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Advice for new XC forks

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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I am new to the site, new to Perth in fact and have just decided to get back into some mountain biking after being out of it for a year or so. I have just put a Giant Talon 4 on lay away. Unfortunately these only come with some Santour XCT forks and I am hoping to get myself some new ones to put on when I pick up my bike in the next few weeks!

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Fox FIT cartridge marks

I pulled apart my Fox 36 TALAS RC2 forks tonight to replace the semi bath oil in the lowers.

I found the below markings on the black section of the FIT cartridge. Is this wear or is this just nothing? I'm assuming it is not wear as the diameter of the black section is a lot smaller than on the silver FIT cartridge so shouldn't rub on anything.

Any ideas? Any need to be concerned? Thanks

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Worrying sounds

I was recently riding at Manly Dam and heard a worrying creaking/clisking noise coming from what seems to be the suspension. (maybe it's the headset?) I've heard the sound before and never payed too much attention to it. Its gotten worse (every bump i hear the noise) and i am a little at loss at what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx Laughing out loud

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MTB Forks - What to get and where to buy

I've ruined the forks on my Specialised Enduro through too much mud, and too little maintenace/servicing.

Any ideas where I should look to buy some new ones? New or secondhand.

I'm looking for something around 140mm to 150mm, without through axles (i.e the older dropout style).


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Leaky New Forks - Please Help.

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Just got a great deal on some Rockshox Revelation 426 forks from the US and received them today. Unfortunately, the box and it's contents were soaked in oil. I expected a little bit of oil to seep out of the seals in transit, but it is everywhere. Is this normal for a set of forks posted OS? Could the aircraft's air-pressure have affected the fork seals?

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Leaky forks ?

Hi guys

A friend of mine has been on holiday for a couple of weeks and has come back to find a couple of drops of oil on the bottom of the right fork leg, where the rebound adjuster is . He has a rock shox Tora fork. His bike was stored right side up, on its two wheels .... (I've had some issues when my bike was inadvertantly stored upright and got some leakage from the o-ring at the stanchion...coming back on the train from the gong ride.

Apparently its only one or two drops.

Any thoughts from the highly tech literate crew out there ?


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Fork Boots

A friend of mine keeps going on and on and on and on, etc; about how I should install fork boots to protect my forks from accelerated wear and tear because of dirt getting into the fork seals. He reckons it's now not fashionable to use them but very sensible to get the maximum life out of your forks.

Any opinions on using these and can you still buy them?


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Fox Talas stuck at max travel

My Fox Talas are supposed to have or at least it did have 3 travel settings but today its stuck on max travel, anyone had this before or know how to fix it as store I bought it from will send away to be repaired and they're not sure how long this will take and I'd prefer not to send it if there's an easy fix.

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