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Fork upgrade

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Time to get new forks

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I have to either get my Stanchions replaced or buy a new fork.

I believe I will get something new so I have been shopping around and im not finding much to meet my specs.

My bike is a Giant Trance 2011, It needs:
taper steerer
15mm axle
5 inch travel
26 inch wheel

Currently looking at Fox 2015 32 Float 26 120 CTD O/C Evolution $633.00 at TBSM

Looking for suggestions for good alternatives but I am liking the FOX with the CTD?

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Fork upgrade

Hey all,

I own a 2010 Jamis Trail X3 with factory fitted RSL Gila T9 forks.

I've noticed that they have started to leak oil, and constantly bottom out/top out when riding. I'm keen to replace these with something a little better.

Any recommendations? I manly ride single track/fire trail, but also ride to work at the weekends (6km ride each way up/down hills on paved road)


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Fork upgrade

I've got a 2010 Jamis Trail X3 - (one of these: with the stock standard RST Gila T9 fork.

I'd like to replace these with something a little better. The current forks are leaking, and bottom out/top out frequently.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I mostly ride offroad (Manly dam etc), but do the odd on road stint to/from work too (6 k's each way), so a lock-out would be nice.

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