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SRAm nightmare

I'm had a stack today and not only did I gave my rear wheel a buckle I managed somehow to misplace the trigger part of my SRAm X1 trigger.
I have tried Uncle Google on how to re assemble but cannot find anything to get the spring and the other bits back in place.
Looking at getting the whole thing replaced looks costly and don't mind taking it to my LBS but they probably will charge me for a new one.
Any assistance on this would be great one as I have already pulled a good part of my lovely locks just trying to put the spring back in.

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Broken connex chain link

Whilst it is tempting to keep using those nifty connex quick links, you should bear in mind that they don't last forever. You can get away with using an old one while you go through a couple of chains, but leave it too long, and they suffer from metal fatigue.

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