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The Snowy Mountains - A Mountain Bike Mecca?

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After being told that we (my mum and I) were going to Jindabyne after one night in Canberra, I wasn’t sure whether it was worth the hassle of taking the bike. Sure, I loved riding Stromlo and Kowen Forest, but I didn’t think it’d be worth extra effort and expense in fuel to cart it down all that way, considering that the lack of information I had received about bike tracks around the Snowy Mountains was due to a lack of trails. I mean, I knew there was a great DH track at Thredbo, but figured that there wasn’t much more beyond that.

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Thredbo DH

I am heading down to Thredbo to do some Cannonball shenanigans this coming Anzac long weekend.

Just wondering if anyone else had any plans to head down and wanted to get together for some runs down the mountain.

I will be riding Sunday 25th and Maybe the afternoon of Saturday 24th.

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Survivin Thredbo ...

Hittin Thredders for the holidays and am absolutely shittin myself n petrified about my rig and skill level...
Saw some tubes and it looks pretty hectic.

Far from being a DH rider, I would say we're XC intermediate riders at best.
Will we survive on XC rigs with 5 inches of travel?? Or are we better off rentin out the leadweights?

Is there flowy downhill rides to do?

Also we're thinking about hitting up Sparrow Hill on the way through.
Anything else worth the look that is within our route??

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Down Hill in Thredbo over Easter weekend

Saturday, 11 April, 2009 - 08:30

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

Meeting Point: 

Thredbo Bike Shop
51 Friday Dr
Thredbo NSW 2625

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

It's official. Easter weekend it is!
SAT, SUN down to dusk down hill 'carnage'. If you got your own DH bike & equipment, just come to say hello to the shop before we - less gifted arrange the hire. Who needs, can join us for initiation otherwise see you on the slopes!

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Down Hill in Thredbo over Easter weekend

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I would love to go down to Thredbo for a longer weekend to do some DH fun everybody talks about.

It's gonna be my first time, so any comments are greatly appreciated. I ain't a lucky owner of a DH bike (not yet anyway), so I want to sort everything out at:

Of course, if you got your bike & gear, good for you, at least there will be more money left for evening drinks. I intend to take my XC bike anyway, just in case 3days in a row turn out to be too much for me. I can chicken out to do some easier biking in the area.

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Thredbo DH

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Cupcake at the end

Bruce at the bottom of the Cannonball.

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Cupcake at Eagles Nest

Bruce getting off the lift at the top of Thredbo

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MT Buller or Thredbo

Hi All

Wanting to go on a MTB holiday weekend. tossing up between Mt buller and thredbo.

Has anyone been? which is better?

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Tips on a planing a trip to Thredbo

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Hi All,

I am planning a trip to Thredbo some time in March with a group of guys, maybe some girlfriends and familys too. We plan on doing 2-3 days of Downhill riding. I have looked at the Raw NRG website and know about the courses etc. My first question is should i take my Specialized Enduro SL or hire one of their DH rigs? My next question is putting it out there to people who have been before and might have any tips on accommodation, what to take, how to save a bit of cash etc.

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