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BUILDER World premier free to watch expires in 12 hours

Check this vid out is awesome.
Track builders are the bomb.
Expires in 12 hours though I think so get in there.

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2014 #FAIL Video - Will ride will fail

Happy Australia Day - what's more Aussie than taking the piss out of yourself or laughing at someone elses stupidity.

I hope you enjoy my dumbarsery.

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Movie Manly Dam and The Oaks

Check out my Manly Dam/The Oaks video. Hope you enjoy:

Give me some feedback to improve images if you like.

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One hand video anyone!

Ok so I have tried filming my ride with a mobile phone in one hand and that didnt end well. My camera is to big and bulky and certainly not water or mud proof. what are my options?

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Some familiar faces...

Drop over to the YT site to get this in HQ.

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My Favorite "How To Videos"

Below is a preview, click to read the full post

I've searched the interwebs for the best "MTB How To" Videos and these are my pickings:

The 1st Bunny Hop one ("How to Bunny Hop Your MTB"), the Wheelie, and PumpTrack videos are very well made. I love the production of the 1st Bunny Hop one. The music is great, he deserves an armature producers award!

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Help! I need a helmet cam buddie

Having recently acquired a new 'Hero helmet cam' I quickly realised it makes pretty dull post ride viewing if you're on your own! If anyone fancies doing a couple of laps of the dam at the weekend let me know. I usually do a lap in around 40 mins so I guess I'm about average fitness. I'm originally from the UK and can't wait to send the footage home to show my mates what they're missing in the northern beaches.

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Urban Vidz

Remember the crazy NY couriers (actually, that is on the page below)? Here's the London equivalent: (70MB Download - right click and 'save as').


It's all good fun 'til someone looses a limb! Sad

The "Ice Ice" one is kinda interesting too. Smiling

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Vid 1

This is a capture from a short video that can be downloaded (3.09MB) from here:

Its also on youtube (at significantly lower quality):

Best Mountain Bike