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MTB Slang

Kindof like a glossory
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Freerider: A general term used for people who like to ride the track as they see each obstacle, not normally the type of person who likes to race, but would rather spend a day out with the guys hitting up the trails. Freeriding is also associated with "Hucking" and "North Shore" style riding.

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Freddy Flintstone

Freddy Flintstone: Sitting on your bike pushing it along with your feet. Used when your chain breaks on an uphill or flat section in a DH race or when you lose momentum in a rock garden and can't get started again. e.g. - "I bunted that rock and stalled, then Freddie Flinstoned the rest of the garden."

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Fakie: To ride or roll backwards.

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Dug In

Dug In: Mostly describes a crash where takeoff was bad and you landed way on your front resulting in a hard vertical body crash rather than a skidding across the dirt crash.

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Dual Crown/DC Fork

Dual Crown/DC Fork: Dual crown forks have stanchion tubes that continue on through the lower fork crown at the bottom of the head tube to a second crown that sits at the top of the head tube. The second crown clamping onto a greater length of stanchion tube creates a much more rigid fork. Dual crown forks are often referd to as 'Tripple clamp' forks, this refers to the top crown (1 clamp), bottom crown (2nd clamp) and wheel axel (3rd clamp) Rock Shox Boxxers, Marzocchi Super T and 888's are all examples of Dual Crown or Tripple Clamp forks.

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Drift: Sliding both or your rear tire/s, usually through a corner. Can be described as a longer/faster cutty.

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Double(s)/Doublejump: a jump consisting of only a kicker and landing ramp, with the middle dug out. Generally considered more challenging than a tabletop.

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Endo: A crash that involves you flying over your handlebars.

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Skewer: The quick release axle clamp of a wheelset.

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Singletrack: A narrow mountain bike trail that must be ridden single file.

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