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Withdrawn: NEW 2017 RockShox Reba RL Solo Air 29 / 27.5+ Fork - 100mm Boost

Note that this is "Withdrawn" so is here for archive purposes only.


Brand NEW - Never Ridden - Taken off new bike
2017 RockShox Reba RL Solo Air 29 / 27.5+ Inch Fork
100mm Travel
51mm Offset
Tapered 1 1/8" - 1.5"
15x110mm Boost
Maxle Lite
Weight approx. 1664 gram

Pickup only - Avalon Northern Beaches Sydney or the city

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Rockshox reverb warranty?

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi all, just wondering if anyone out there has had any experiences getting a Rockshox Reverb repaired under warranty? I've had mine for less then 12mths and it has developed a 10mm drop/play in the post when under weight and also wont hold the 250psi. I purchased it from Merlin cycles and am hoping I don't have to send it back to the UK. Thanks.

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Rockshox Monarch BASIC set-up & tuning guide

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G'day all,
Here is a BASIC Rockshox Monarch RT3 rear shock set-up and tuning guide that I put together for anyone who needs it.
No info came with my bike, nor in any online manual, so I compiled a basic set of notes. It's just a SIMPLE starting place for playing around with your suspension set-up. Based on a 2012 model but it will probably help for other models. I originally posted it on mtbr and got some rep/thanks, so also posting it here for the locals...

You can find it here:

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RockShox Recon 351 Solo Air Forks-Lockout Issue

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

The lockout function on my forks no longer works.When the motion control switch is open the forks appear to have the full range of travel but when switched to the lockout setting the amount of travel remains the same.
Anyone have any tips or suggestions for a remedy to this problem? The forks are 4 years old and have had a major service approx 2 years ago.

Thanks in advance!


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EI (Electric Intelligence) Shock by RockShox

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Lapierre will shortly have their 2013 range in the shops over Dec / Jan and some models will include the new EI (Electric Intelligence) Shock developed with RockShox

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Suspension stuff up?

A few months ago I serviced my own forks. Not too hard following the instructions & with great result. There is one result that I'm actually very happy about, but it is a stuff up. That is, when my 'lock out' is on, my forks are quite stiff, but the suspension still works.

So now I have two settings. Instead of 'on' or 'off' like it's designed to be, it's 'on' or '70% off' which I think is BRILLIANT! Just what I wanted. So, how did this happen? How can I make sure this happens again next service!

(Rockshox Recon solo air)

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Suspension Foam Ring Cleaning?

I am servicing my forks for the first time. The SRAM website docs are pretty clear, & the YouTube SRAM videos are great. I'm ready to reattach the lower legs, but should I bother cleaning the foam rings inside the dust seal?

They really aren't that dirty, & I'd rather not replace the bushings completely considering my bike has only done 100hrs of light use. Nothing loose.

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Rockshox fork confusion???

i was looking on the rockshox website the other day and looking at the trail forks, theres 4. does anyone know what the differences are? and what type of riding for each one?



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Tech help Rockshox SID

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I'm hoping some tech savy person can help me. My Rochshox SID have locked out. Okay, so i figure I should take them to a shop to be repaired. HOwever, I thought that I would just unscrew the top of the leg where you have the dial to lock them out, I took the screw out and then unscrewed the top of the leg. Hmmmm, just was sooo curious. I looked at it and thought that I should go no further. So tried screwing it back in, But it won't go in. No matter how hard I push and turn. Help me. I will feel quite the dork when I have to carefully carry my bike into the ship.

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