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Dirtworks 2010 Pikey and Brian crossing the canoe bridge

Video of me crossing the canoe bridge via my glasses cam and then Brian making it across Smiling

(Sound crappy)

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My Tyre History

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When I bought my Trance and it came with Michelin XCR AT folding 2.0". These only lasted 2 months before I blew the sidewall out. Since then I have mainly run Maxxis Crossmarks LUST 2.1 front and rear except for a short time when I had an Ignitor LUST 2.1 on the front. I run about 30-32 psi front and rear and it has always been a good combination but decided to go for a complete change to see how others perform.

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Coming down the last section of the Dam before the hydro lab and my front tyre washed out. Feels like I have burnt my arm as I slid down the board walk Sad. I also took skin off my leg and have just noticed a decent egg sized lump forming on my knee.

Kev came off trying to avoid me and while I was sitting there (off the track) recovering another guy crashed at the top. I was contemplating wearing my arm pads but decided to leave them in the car.

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NoBMoB - First 2009 Afternoon (de)light

NoBMoB - First 2009 Afternoon (de)light

Starting of the year in the right way... great ride and beautiful afternoon glow and smiles all around! Eye-wink

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After seeing Pikey & Heckler finish the Angry Doctor and how fresh they looked I decided to invest in some mudguards. I have been out for a few spins and its awesome not having crap flying everywhere. Not to mention how much easier it is to clean the bike.

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the Mogo mob

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Winmalee Lookout

Best Mountain Bike