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Title Distance Vertical Climbsort icon Vertical Drop
West Head: Waratah + Elvina TracksWest Head: Waratah + Elvina Tracks

Two out and backs combined. Climb out of Elvina is a killer.

15.20Km 494m -495m
Duck Hole + Chiltern + CentreDuck Hole + Chiltern + Centre

Similar to the Duck Hole + Centre loop plus Chiltern track added for some tougher climbing.

21.60Km 503m -501m
Oaks one way + Pisgah RockOaks one way + Pisgah Rock

Standard one way route with Pisgah Rock tagged on (turn right at the gate for an out and back).

33.65Km 570m -1017m
The Oaks - One WayThe Oaks - One Way

Classic Oaks route from Woodford to Glenbrook station via firetrail then sniggle and technical sections at the end.

29.22Km 578m -1014m
Wang to mt lambie via rydalWang to mt lambie via rydal

A nice way to start a saturday morning

33.33Km 635m -650m
Duck Hole + Waratah + CentreDuck Hole + Waratah + Centre

Similar to the Duck Hole + Centre track loop but with some climbing road work up to Waratah out and back.

27.87Km 667m -662m
Easy Penrose LoopEasy Penrose Loop

Nice loop just under 30Km taking in the best bits of the forest... and sadly a few not very exciting parts to be sure to sprint those Eye-wink

28.85Km 708m -699m
Cascades from St IvesCascades from St Ives

From St Ives with 3 big, 1 small climbs.

22.31Km 743m -736m
Mitchells Way - Gum Ridge loopMitchells Way - Gum Ridge loop

From the bottom of Mitchell's Way we climbed up to Gum Ridge then back through the pines.

20.70Km 851m -850m
Kanagra-Boyd by Fire TrailKanagra-Boyd by Fire Trail

An easy (though long) loop through some of the fire/management trails of Kanangra-Boyd.

41.46Km 900m -900m
West Head: Salvation + TowlersWest Head: Salvation + Towlers

Road work from McCarrs Creek Rd to Salvation then Towlers tracks and return.

32.45Km 917m -922m
Mount Barrington Via Polblue/Barrington TrailsMount Barrington Via Polblue/Barrington Trails

Beautiful firetrail route through native forest in Barrington Tops National Park. Don't expect a view at the end of this though.

32.24Km 957m -951m
Coba Ridge + SmugglersCoba Ridge + Smugglers

Combination of Coba Point out and back plus loop-ish Smugglers Ridge and fire trail return.

36.57Km 959m -996m
Mt york Convict trails, all of 'em Gov'naMt york Convict trails, all of 'em Gov'na

A full run of mt york

30.03Km 995m -979m
The Best of Great Northern Road from Wisemans FerryThe Best of Great Northern Road from Wisemans Ferry

From the ferry up Devines Hill, to Clares Bridge and return via Shepherds Gully and the road.

44.27Km 996m -980m
Big Royal National Park LoopBig Royal National Park Loop

Large loop from Loftus Oval down to Lady Carrington Drive, up the road - maybe a little too much road for some Sad - then back into the Park to finish with some nice single track and firetrail.

52.97Km 1010m -1016m
Mooney Mooney from Brieses RdMooney Mooney from Brieses Rd

Tough Mooney Mooney ride incorporating 'The Bucket' first then the trail by the Creek. Four big climbs and especially tough way to finish.

29.13Km 1106m -1064m
GNR From Mangrove MountainGNR From Mangrove Mountain

From Mangrove Mountain pumping station to bottom of Shepherds Gully and return.

45.74Km 1141m -1126m
Maxxis Coffs Mountain Marathon 2007 (50Km route)Maxxis Coffs Mountain Marathon 2007 (50Km route)

50Km route from the 2007 race.

45.74Km 1141m -1126m
Andersons + The OaksAndersons + The Oaks

Tougher than it sounds - one way from Wentworth Falls to Glenbrook via Andersons and The Oaks.

59.57Km 1228m -1898m
Nepean + Oaks + St HelenaNepean + Oaks + St Helena

Up the Oaks taking in Pisgah Ridge, not quiet to the top then return via St Helenas hike-a-bike section.

46.57Km 1249m -1226m
Bungleboori to CaperteeBungleboori to Capertee

Great ride across Newnes state forest and Gardens of Stone NP

71.07Km 1289m -1669m
Womerah Range, Great Northern Road & Western CommissionWomerah Range, Great Northern Road & Western Commission

Long training route involving some road, some steep climbs and the best technical part of Great Northern Road. Great training ride for the Dirtworks events based in St Albans.

74.37Km 1289m -1279m
The Oaks Up & BackThe Oaks Up & Back

The famous Oaks firetrail up and back from Glenbrook Station.

53.01Km 1355m -1346m
Grand AM Tour of the WallsGrand AM Tour of the Walls

Grand tour of the classic All Mountain trails on Hassans Wall

54.69Km 1645m -1638m

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