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Dirt Nights @ Forestville Wed 27 May (18:00) 2

Upcoming advocacy events would normally appear here, but things are a little quiet at the moment and it's empty.

Don't be shy - this is a community site so if you're out there working post your meeting.

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Post 50,000! Thank you!

While taking a break from that giant comical thread on MTB wheel sizes I've just noticed we were about to hit 50,000 threads. So here it is, post 50,000.

This is a small site and the number isn't particularly large compared to many others, but it's as good a milestone as any to thank everyone who contributes in both knowledgeable and often humorous ways. The mods here do their best to keep things clean, tidy and balanced. It's a credit to all that despite a lot of passion not much has to be done in that respect. Even when discussing wheel sizes Eye-wink

So thank you all. Here's to 50k more... Cheers! Smiling

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Happy Holidays - Bantry Bay Gahnia Track is now open!

Below is a preview, click to read the full post

Amazing stonework/ rock armouring on this trail

Just in time for the holiday break another amazing win for local riders. Bantry Bay Gahnia track is now open.

Aimed at experienced riders this trail runs in a one way North to South direction from the Bluff Track entrance. See Gahnia Trail Map.

NPWS explains, "...the first 50 m of this track has been designed to test if your bike handling skill is at the level needed for tracks rated ‘more difficult’. If you find you are not yet competent at all the challenges in this section, then do not proceed any further along the track. It is permitted to go back up the track to the start from this section only. Do not cut through the bush to exit the track.

Thanks to Mario for the pictures (more after the break) - this stuff looks great.

Get out there!

More discussion here: Gahnia - Bantry Bay ready to ride Christmas Eve.

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Bantry Bay Serrata Track is Now Open. Stick to the Forestville side only please!

Great news for local riders! The new Serrata Track at Bantry Bay can now be ridden... on the Forestville side only please!

All trail work is complete and signage installed.

Please stay out of Gahnia on the Wakehurst Parkway side which is still under construction with more raised platform to be installed to get over highly sensitive sites.

Both tracks are due for ribbon cutting ceremony early next year by key government officials whom have supported this.

Huge thanks to everyone who made this happen. This track represents many years of lobbying and hard work by a lot of people.

More discussion in the forum here:


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This weekend (15/16 Nov) is NPWS Fee Free in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

I'm not sure if this applies to other NSW parks, but while out riding this morning noticed that this weekend (15/16 Nov) is NPWS Fee Free in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.

The toll booths are closed and there's a sign up stating no fees for entry this weekend.

If you enter the park on a bike this doesn't make any difference of course Eye-wink

... however, beginners who baulk at the entry fee (come on though!) and for whom the ride up to somewhere like Bairne Track, Towlers Bay, etc. is a little far could take this as a chance to try out those locations.

Bairne Track is great for beginners for example. Towlers Bay maybe a little less so (just be careful on the way down and aware of the killer climb out).

Or use this as an excuse to take your non-cycling buddies out to some of the places we all love and enjoy.

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Mt Annan, Sunday, 10am: Social ride for beginner/intermediates

Another creek crossing

This one's for all the lurkers out there: a reminder that Grary has posted up a Social Ride for newcomers and intermediate level riders at Mt Annan this Sunday.

Check the calendar for more details:


Many thanks for organising Grary.

So don't be shy guys, click the "change to show you're in" link on the calendar entry above and get out there! Smiling

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