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Bare Creek Bike Plan - Dedicated MTB Facilities for the Northern Beaches. Help Required Now!

Do you want a purpose built bike park on the Northern Beaches - one that is dedicated Mountain Biking? A plan is proposed for such a facility at Belrose Waste Management Centre after it closes soon, but...

Help is needed to get this plan approved. Can you help by emailing the local councillors and expressing your views? Just something simple that explains you are behind the plan is all it would take.

The next council meeting is 27th May, so these emails need to find their target before that date. If you could attend the meeting to show support all the better.

The councillor's email addresses: mayor@warringah.nsw.gov.au, vanessa.moskal@warringah.nsw.gov.au, wayne.gobert@warringah.nsw.gov.au, vincent.deluca@warringah.nsw.gov.au, sue.heins@warringah.nsw.gov.au, bob.giltinan@warringah.nsw.gov.au, pat.daley@warringah.nsw.gov.au, roslyn.harrison@warringah.nsw.gov.au, duncan.kerr@warringah.nsw.gov.au, jose.menano-pires@warringah.nsw.gov.au

More background can be found in this thread: Bare Creek Bike Park.

Thank you.

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Ever thought about entering an MTB marathon?

Cycologically Challenged!

Many thanks to all the keen competitors from last weekend's Convict 100 race who took the time to blog about the event and share their stories. There were indeed some fantastic efforts and great yarns.

It's not fair to single anyone out - every participant makes an event - but is always good to share a photo so here's Tristan riding the infamous bridge. Have a look at Cycologically Challenged! to hear how he went.

Great to see so many riders keen to share like this, and so many comments of appreciation, encouragement and congratulations. This is what MTB is about to many - a huge challenge out in the (relative) wilds with mates and strangers alike. Strangers who, after a ride along the Woomerah Range, somehow you will have a special connection with forever. If you've been there, done that you know exactly what I'm talking about! Eye-wink

For those not sure about trying an event like this, take a look at the blogs on the Convict 100 2014 page. Just don't be put off too much. Remember: nothing worth doing in life is ever easy!

Also remember that blogs like this build into a handy reference of event results in a tab on your profile and you don't have to write an essay to do that.

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An important request from the Mayor of Warringah - remember to share the trails with courtesy

We have received an important request from the Mayor of Warringah regarding concerns some residents in the area have about riders behaviour on the track around Narrabeen Lagoon.

Please take a moment to review this and take on board his message (and one that we have been supporting for many years) that the trails are there to share.

Obviously this is a particularly family friendly trail and not only should riders take care when approaching and passing walkers and joggers, they should also be aware a large number of young children learn to ride (and to love riding) right here.

Full details can be found here: Cyclists on the Narrabeen Lagoon Trail. Please follow up on that thread.

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Mowbray Park Farm track official opening tomorrow (Saturday 18th) - family friendly rides ahead?

Just a reminder for those who might have missed the Mowbray Park Farm track official opening calendar entry.

Enjoy the heat? Why not go and check out this new trail to the South of Sydney (near Picton) this weekend? For those that don't, might be worth a visit at another time?

The site looks like a pretty promising option for riders who may feel guilty about leaving the family at home while they indulge in the pleasures of MTB. There appear to be a tonne of family friendly activities for the significant other & kids. Kudos for the initiative guys!

All the details are on the calendar page linked above. Note club membership requirements before planning your trip!

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Manly Dam consultation sessions: Free BBQ and a chance to have your say!

Reverse angle drainage

Here's a bit of welcome news: Warringah Council are running two consultation sessions on the future of Manly Dam. Even better, these are to be run at the Dam and accompanied by a free BBQ lunch.

If you haven't been to the Dam in a while perhaps this is the perfect excuse? Take a ride, grab some well earned post-ride lunch and let the council know what an important venue this is for riders.

Dates are in our calendar and are:

Sunday 12 January, 12.30pm - 2.30pm
Saturday 1 February, 12.30pm - 2.30pm

Details from council here:


This is all part of the consultation process which will end on Monday 10 February, so if you can't get there be sure to give your input in some other way on how the park (and of course mountain bike track) should be managed.

More details on the consultation here:


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