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88 588 1 year 7 weeks ago
by BT
Chat relating to MTB only please.
Bike and accessory talk. How do I fix my brakes? What's a good fork for me? Check out this hot bling! etc.
2104 22929 3 weeks 6 days ago
by fairy1
Talk about your favourite (or not?) events, past or future.
778 5483 31 weeks 2 days ago
by all74
Looking to form a team for an event? Post your requests and chat about it here.
115 685 1 year 10 weeks ago
If you want to discuss specific trails or general trails in a specific location, please use the relevant forum here. You can also use these forums for talking about other topics that are only relevant in that area, making tentative plans, etc.
For discussion relevant anywhere in Australia.
77 701 47 weeks 4 days ago
by BlueSub
Talk about ACT/Canberra Trails
53 258 44 weeks 2 days ago
by DudeistPriest
157 1445 13 weeks 21 hours ago
by Black Flash
174 1802 1 week 2 days ago
by spindog
179 1210 16 weeks 6 days ago
by tvg
20 171 1 year 20 weeks ago
by BikePhysio
230 1770 1 year 20 weeks ago
by Dee
104 565 15 weeks 6 days ago
by Stephen Parsons
68 259 47 weeks 14 hours ago
by grantd
14 67 37 weeks 18 hours ago
by Black Flash
38 224 1 year 45 weeks ago
by Black Flash
167 1222 20 weeks 6 days ago
by Katie B
80 602 2 years 37 weeks ago
by Hasbeen Racing
51 373 1 year 9 weeks ago
by Lach
654 5257 5 days 17 hours ago
by brownie1324
Talk about anything to do with creating/maintaining/campaigning for better trails.
270 2317 4 weeks 2 days ago
by brownie1324
31 188 2 years 3 weeks ago
by david@dmsavage....
22 151 1 year 18 weeks ago
by Lach
8 35 3 years 21 weeks ago
by Pete B
23 94 18 weeks 4 days ago
by trail addict
These forums are for very general discussion.
1231 9420 2 days 17 hours ago
by Simon
Talk about events that aren't specific to any particular discipline.
60 260 1 year 18 weeks ago
by Warthog
For things that fall off your bike.
240 718 13 weeks 1 day ago
by dougm111
... or OT. Sometimes you have something to say that isn't about bikes (shock!) so it belongs here.
183 1258 49 weeks 8 hours ago
by teknovation
31 106 2 years 10 weeks ago
by staffe
Talk about good/bad deals, group buys, etc.
297 2167 17 weeks 4 days ago
by Bicyclebuiltfortwo
For comments, suggestions, etc. on this web site.
84 797 1 year 26 weeks ago
by GarethP
Got some time to kill searching for goodies out there? Share your links here.
595 3027 1 year 20 weeks ago
by adski
For old forums that are now closed. You can still read and post comments here, but no new discussions are allowed.
Where you planning to ride? Discuss it here so you (hopefully) don't end up alone.
Arranging local rides or day trips? Want to ride on a weekly basis? This is the spot for you.
177 1672 10 years 40 weeks ago
by mrgrumpy
For extra special trips away... longer than a day trip at least. Anything else - please post in weekly rides. So, if you're planning something a little bit out of the ordinary then let's hear about it.
50 481 11 years 10 weeks ago
by Truthman
When you campaign for trail access, maintenance, etc. post it up here to let others know and encourage them to take action too.
29 259 7 years 3 weeks ago
by chuckie
Anywhere not specifically categorised.
93 496 20 weeks 3 days ago
by trail addict

If you have a pretty much definate plan for a ride then this is not the place for you. You should be creating a ride meeting entry instead, which will appear in the calendar, etc.

This forum is for talking over tentative plans, asking opinions on rides, etc.

303 2667 8 years 15 weeks ago
by fer
Heard about any cool sounding rides from mates or strangers? This forum is for discussion of said trails that we've heard about. Perhaps you could say it could form a 'wishlist' of where to take a look next.
15 84 6 years 14 weeks ago
by South Coast
Got any old parts or bikes you don't want or need? Or anything you're looking for that someone might have sat in their shed? Post it up, you might get lucky!
208 789 7 years 36 weeks ago
by Rob
Silly one liners about how we all love to ride.
6 23 9 years 4 weeks ago
by Bernd
Everything to do with before the ride. Training, nutrition and the rest.
Geek gear... anything powered by wires and electrons rather than sprockets and chains.
222 2151 2 years 9 weeks ago
by hawkeye
Equipment that's relevant to all forms of biking. You know - storage, transport, care, etc, etc. If you want to talk about specific road/MTB/etc. use then please use the specific forum for that discipline.
145 1290 49 weeks 5 days ago
by teknovation
Talk about what's good to eat and drink. Not necessarily for your good either ;) Post your bike fuel recipes.
33 294 4 years 4 weeks ago
by danielschipper
Post your bike fuel ideas here.
4 20 8 years 2 weeks ago
by ADtheglorious
How do you... erm... train?
99 908 2 years 30 weeks ago
by hawkeye

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