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Gazza's new shoes?

Bernd's picture

By Bernd - Posted on 21 August 2009

r these Gazza's new MTB shoes?

GAZZA's picture

i'll stick with my white sidi's thanks.
far more advanced than velcro straps mate!

Bernd's picture

how do you keep ur SIDI's clean?
and yes the SIDI's are more advanced, but for under $100 bucks, I think I did ok.
will match the FAT and look good with the Viper!

GAZZA's picture

i just soak them in luke warm napisan and a little washing powder overnight. a little scrub with a soft brush then rinse with cold water. good as new mate. welcome to the club!

Carlgroover's picture

Gaz, it's MTB. To clean my MTB shoes I bang 'em together over the garden.

Rob's picture

Groover - you princess. I thrown my on the garage floor and that's it Eye-wink

Hasbeen Racing's picture

Mine have to walk out of the car by themselves!

Carlgroover's picture

Back when I was a lad, we had to ride through the snow in bare feet!

Rob's picture

Long time ago, eh John? Eye-wink

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