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By Supagav - Posted on 23 November 2009

Re: This ride meeting: 
Spring Fat Tyre Festival 2009
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SS Solo
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Boy oh boy that was tough.
That race was by far the toughest this kiwi has ever done. All the talk over the pervious weeks leading up to this race was about who would win between myself and V. We had both decided that if it was going to be hot I might get myself in a spot of bother. Needless to say when the forecasted temps kept getting higher closer to the time I got more worried.
Come race morning I awoke to a relatively cool start to the day, V even put on a sweater. The day slowly warmer up as well got ready and come race time it was warm but ok. I had a prob with my glasses fogging up just prior to the race so put them on my helmet until just before the gun, Well that was the plan. On my second pedal stroke i watched my glasses fall off my head and then I ran over them BUGGER. I think they are toast.....
Into the race and i was telling myself to slow down as it was a long way to go. The ST is so much fun it is hard to ride slow. It was about the 5th lap that some turned on the heater on full. Well that is when i started to feel the heat anyway. came through transitition to see V and other resting out of the sun and decided that was a good idea. After a bit of drink and ice cold towels i headed out for another lap, man it was hot at this stage. as I came back through timing they told me the race had been shortened to 6.25 man was I happy. another rest and more cold towels and ice etc. My next two laps were meant to be nice and easy, I started off with Damein after trying to spot other fellow SS nuts that I was racing. As I reached the top of the roller coaster I looked behind to see Damein hurting in the heat (boy it was hot up the top). I think it wasthis lap that I caught Harry just before the grave yard, he was hurting a lot. I friendly hello and off I went.
Back through timing for what I thought was the last time but V had come good again and we rode the final lap together. She had come real good as it was hard work to hold her wheel. sitting behind V i noticed that she had propedal turned on, told her to turn it off and then the speed sorta when up a notch. attacking every corner a bit harder and pushing all the way to the finish. We had time to go out another lap but that was not happening!!!

The heat took its toll on everyone out there and well done to all those that competed. It was such a great event to be part of and it would not be the same without the support of NoBMoBer yelling at me as I went past on the track.

I am only just starting to feel normal now so hopefully this makes some sense. I should look at this again in a couple of days and add some stuff.

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