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Japanese Banana Guard

Rob's picture

By Rob - Posted on 04 March 2010

100YEN from a ... erm... 100YEN (around $1) shop in Akihabara.

LadyToast's picture

It might be me, but there is something so wrong about this picture.

Rob's picture

Is it the little hearts in the case? Eye-wink

PIVOT MACH 5's picture

They are tiny windows for the fruit flies!

Bikeboy's picture

It Just looks wrong , even with little hearts ...

Leez's picture

That thing is so funny, I want one of those for my banana

Jandrew's picture

I wonder if they realised all bananas are not the same angle all the time! LOL
Japanese make some funny things!

Noel's picture

..and bananas come in various sizes.

I thought my banana was big, but going from Rob's hand for scale, those Japanese must have massive bananas!

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