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Titus Tuesday

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By unclebullbar - Posted on 25 April 2010

My new Titus Moto-Lite frame arrived just in time for the DW. Looking forward to riding it once the rain clears.

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I like the cable routing, up out of the way of dirt and crap, and no big loops to catch on stuff.

Is your bottle cage upside down?

herzog's picture

Hey that looks nice. What sort of travel does this bike have?

Grey Oury grips too by the look of it. Good choice.

Gary's picture

Thats a damn fine looking bike Andrew.

JOE's picture

Hey Andrew that is one plush ride should
eat up the GNR, enjoy.

unclebullbar's picture

1. I can't believe it - the cage is upside down! Must blame it on the mechanic that put it together - he did a great job at short notice for a very reasonable price, so we'll let him off.
2. Actually Sky Blue Ourys - just a bit discoloured.
3. Travel set at 127 mm but can alter it to 100mm. With my 110mm-140mm U-Turn Revelation fork, I pretty much have 2 bikes now.

It does look alright doesn't it Gary?

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I only commented because I have the same cage, and last week put two of them on upside down.....

Where did you get them pray tell? Mine came from a Giant store in Taiwan but I haven't seen them here and want two more.



unclebullbar's picture

Got the cage from Cycology, Tuggerah for about $15 I think.

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Why didn't I buy more in Taiwan. AU$6, and topeak rear lights were $5 or 6 too.

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Damn it I've been swanning around thinking I was the only one with a Titus motolite!
maybe we should start a gang

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the tatts and postcode thing? What's the postcode for Ourimbah? Smiling

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