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Narrow Neck

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By Benno88 - Posted on 09 May 2011

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That just captures the magic, doesn't it?

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That was yesterday morning. You can see the cloud below the moutains in the distance. Stunning views particulalry with the weather as good as it was on the weekend!

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That view is really the "money shot" for that ride. The valley to the west is also amazing but no one ever takes a photo of that because they are too busy riding back up the hill!

Early winter mornings are really the best time for Narrow Neck rides, the clouds in the valleys and frozen ground and frosts make it magnificent.

Now if only the trail was a single track.....

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We actually talked about doing the once yearly NN ride yesterday
And said a day like today (yesterday) is the perfect weather for it
Cool, clear, sunny, no cow sized bugs - you jagged it

So did you make it up all the hills?
There's one on the return that I remember is quite a challenge

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On the way home yesterday afternoon, on a whim I decided to take the scenic route, and as I cruised past Glenraphael Drive, I said pretty much the same thing: "Must be time for another Narrow Neck ride..."

Then I started thinking about my last trip to Narrow Neck, which was a bush walk from the Megalong, up Carlon Head, down Taro's Ladders and back to the car, and THEN I started thinking that if the SCA ever get serious about allowing bikes on those fire trails from the Megalong out to Yerranderie, why then I'd have to go and do the EPIC Narrow Neck trip: down Taro's Ladders and all the way out to Yerranderie...

Then I snapped out of it, and went home via the bakery for some hot cross buns and after stuffing down two or three I crawled off to the couch for a nap.

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Bizzaro! I've been thinking about the old Yerranderaie effort the last few days. Oh well, time to head out to GHS and then hopefully a bit of "Ride the Divide" action upon my return.

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This one has been on my to do list for a long time. Given it's all firetrail, are there any waterbars etc to make it interesting?

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Yeah. there are some water bars, not as many or as fun as those on The Hanging Rock trail but some high speed stuff... But really, Narrow Neck is all about the views.

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There are a lot of water bars including a pair that mess up a lot of people as they can get a lot of air on them. Narrow Neck does get a lot of blood on it because it is a fast ride when you are going down.

As far as fire trail goes it is pretty interesting and one of the best... long descents/climbs, rough areas, loose surfaces, woodlands... its very mixed. The section from the fire tower to the end is a really fantastic, narrower, rougher fire trail with the loose shale rock section at the end and very fast. Coupled with the amazing scenery it is definately worth a ride.

Even though it isn't that long, something like 27km in total to go out and back, due to the steep climbs you will feel pretty shattered at the end.

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Yeah I made it up all the hills except for that one on the way back just after the narrow neck, got about a third the way up and my heart rate was through the roof so unfortunately caved in and walked the rest of the way up. That one really is a steep sucker!

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And that's about the same result I usually get
I did make it once though, but that was with plenty of stops
And a stop at the top to go pick up my lung that I accidentally spat out

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