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Kiwi Boy & Kiwi Girl (What a team)

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By pikey - Posted on 07 May 2008

Kiwi Girl, I think came third in her category.
If she didn't have to wait for Kiwi Boy at the top of every hill she probably could have won!!!!!

Ed. I think she actually did win! Well done that Kiwi! [ OMG - did I really say that! Eye-wink ]

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Awesome result!

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Well done!
Hope you had a great ride after all the drama of the last 6 months.
Well deserved Smiling

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what a gr8t result!
well done,

Paul's picture

Great work Tracy, that's a tremendous effort.

C'mon all you other Nobbers we have to lift our game.

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Nice result on the weekend KiwiGirl.


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