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Yeti 575 - Rob Spec

Rob's picture

By Rob - Posted on 20 July 2008

Some of you might have heard I was working on a little project, well here it is in all it's glory.

I know, I know, not another 575! Sorry, couldn't resist.

However, the twist that not many will have at the mo is that front fork - Talas 32 RLC QR15. That dictated Hope Pro II hubs which are built with Mavic 819XM rims as you can see.

Clearly this is more of a play bike than a weight weenie XC weapon. Although that said, it fair ripped up the Dam this arvo! Laughing out loud

P.S. Apologies for sort of stealing the 'pose' from another nice photo seen recently. Imitation best form of flattery and all that. Eye-wink

Buck's picture

So whats the verdict on the QR15 axles? Is it as rigid as your beloved lefty?

But yes you sure were setting a cracking pace on it's first outing. Caused me yet more skin loss trying to keep up Sticking out tongue Maybe we should stay below 15kmh Smiling

Brian's picture

Nice colour I must say. Weight weenie or not, what does it weigh in at?

Hans's picture

That bike looks noice!

It must feel quite a bit taller than the Rush...?

Congrats, Hans

May all your lines be the right ones...

GAZZA's picture

carbon enduro! Eye-wink

shano's picture

You have got to love the look of a new bike...nothing like it!
Rob will be dribbling over that for some time .....
Will be good to see how "she" handles the fun stuff!

To be announced....Gravity test results! Eye-wink

Paul's picture

Welcome to Team Yeti Rob

Rob's picture

Well, yeah, we didn't do anything challenging yesterday but happy with the way the front end felt. All good so far. Smiling

Gilbo's picture

great looking bike Rob, didnt think i'd see the day when you'd stray from them cannondales. Smiling

Rob's picture

Ah... no loyalty here, just no Specialized, OK? Eye-wink

I have a Bianchi too don't forget Smiling

ar_junkie's picture

Are you going to use it sometime and join a scum ride? Evil

Rob's picture

Well - the good news is I now have a pass for the new office which lets me into the basement so at least can start commuting again.

ar_junkie's picture

(Scottish accent) "...don’t change the subject; just answer the fookin’ question!"

Paul's picture


Why didn't you buy the new Bainchi Downhill bike. I saw some vision of John-Lee Augustyn attacking some mountain in France and his bike is super light and virtually was unstoppable down the rough shale covered slopes.

Rob's picture

Well, it does say:


Paul's picture

Now they can add the "Col de la Bonette-Restefond"

GAZZA's picture

on that tire mate. if you want to be a real bike rider you'll have to get some slicks and come out riding with real men! Eye-wink

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