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Another Yeti 575

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By LadyToast - Posted on 14 September 2008

Pic taken on it's first ride. Talas 32 RLC's, Some Hope stuff, some FSA carbon blingage and some XT stuff. By far the best bike I have ridden, and it's very orange.

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a carbon specialized being shot in a very similar place??????? if i was only computer literate enough to link the pic! any helpers? carlgroovers weekend campout in the mountains Eye-wink

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that photo is beautiful nice bike to

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Funny you should mention that, I think carlgroover was behind me as I took this Eye-wink

I didn't link the pic, I just posted it to the forum, it's easy Smiling

Mind it's also easy to link external pics as well, just use the html code that is generated in most image hosting sites. I use picasa a lot but you can use flickrr and the others in a similar way I believe.

The code you want is <a href="image link"><img src="link image"/></a>


<a href=""><
img src=""/></a>

Will give you:

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