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Local Legend Paul Rocks!

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By Carlgroover - Posted on 14 December 2008

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really shows up the size of the jump and how nutz paul is for hitting it

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This was truley amazing to see Paul in action Smiling

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On where to get this shot. I walked away shaking my head how smooth Paul did this jump and the 2 jumps immediately after this one, it's gotta be the most fun you can have. I'm not impressed with the pics I'm taking with my new digital camera,(10mp Nikon) the sharpness and colour both seem poor compared to what I get from my old digital (5mp Olympus)
Thanks everyone I had a top day. SmilingSmiling
Cheers John.

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the biggest jump pic on this site i think! he's not going for the down-ramp right over near the spectator is he!???

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Yep he is...

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He lands the down ramp pretty well.

Liam tips his hat... Eye-wink

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