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Hilarious! Who can relate? "The Cycling Widow"

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Found this's hilarious! Who can relate? Most of these things apply for MTB'ers too...

The Cycling Widow by Sarah Mithen (published in Ride magazine)

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Dirty Drivetrain

On today's ride Superman (aka. Greg) broke his chain pumping up an impossible incline. Someone in the group hadn't done any chain repairs on the trail yet so was keen to learn.

Here's the resulting effort... job done, or did the tutor forget to mention one small detail?

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GEORGE W BUSH Showground and Cascades

Well if you did not know already George went and dropped in at St Ives show ground for a quick ride of the local tracks. If you did not know GW is a very keen mtb rider and does plenty of it back in the US. As much as we hate him it was good to see him out trying some of our local stuff.

Hope all is well


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Scanner Darkly Bike Scene

Erm... weird, but bike related and slightly amusing:

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The Blue Mountains Epic - or There and Back Again

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Well, thought I might share an experience from the weekend with you all.

Due to other commitments we (Mark & Tracy) were unable to participate in most of the planned rides (Mini DW etc) over the next couple of weeks in the lead up to Bateman's Bay, so we decided to go and revisit Anderson's and The Oaks. A group of us did this some time ago (when we busted the Scott for those who may have seen the trail repair picture) which didn't go exactly as planned. Nevertheless we had a good ride and the distance (around 60-65km) was about what we wanted to do. So this time ended up with me and my significant other and Leo, who had come with us last time. Bit of a ride, finish mid afternoon, home for the rugby - sweet.

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