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Road works still...

Steel in and concrete to come...

Mount Hay

At a Glance

Mount Hay Gallery

You can only get so close but you want to get closer and touch it as the view is amazing. Unfortunately NO BIKES past the end of Mt Hay Rd. If you want to get closer, bring a chain and lock plus some walking shoes.

Overall A decent ride with not to many steep hills. Trail was relatively smooth and the views are amazing.

Linden Ridge

At a Glance

Linden Ridge Gallery

Your Basic Fire Trail dropping 120m in elevation over 7kms with your pinch climbs here and there.

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Fire Trail Behind Woodford Dam ridable?

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Just wondering if the fire trail out behind the dam at the end of glossip road was accessible, legal and rideable?

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Just Beautiful

Standing on one of the many causeways, I felt this view needed to be captured.

Nepean River

At a Glance

Status: Unknown
3 for 9.3km (92%)
Single Track - Enclosed:
1 for 0.8km (8%)

Nepean River Gallery

Fire Trail running parallel to the Nepean River from Emu Heights to Yellomundee Regional Park.
Not for Beginners

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Woodford Dam

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Fallen Tree on downhill at end of Winbourne Road Trail

Coming down Winbourne Rd Trail, there was some uphill climbs, but was mostly downhill runs with plenty of speed humps. I enjoyed this ride so much. Just the one fallen tree upset a great ride (only a little bit)

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End of Winbourne Road Trail

Approaching the Dam from Winbourne Road.
Very fast and full of speed humps. Made for some good jumps.

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