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Cripple Creek

At a Glance

Status: Unknown
16 for 16km (99%)
Single Track - Enclosed:
1 for 0.1km (1%)

Cripple Creek Gallery

A network of fire trails that spans from Blaxland to Yellow Rock. Great for a short rides. Best for linking the Lower Blue Mountains to create some epic rides.

Dungog Common

At a Glance

Status: Unknown
1 for 0.4km (4%)
1 for 0.9km (8%)
Single Track - Enclosed:
8 for 6.8km (62%)
Single Track - Exposed:
3 for 3km (27%)

Dungog Common Gallery

Dungog Common is a MTB area next to the township of Dungog that comprises 650 acres and currently about 30 Km of MTB single track mostly blue and some black. I would call it a hard XC track or AM track. Ideal for Gravity Enduro.
We are working on new tracks and extensions all the time and you can expect another 10 Km within the next couple of months.

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Anybody able to show me this track or provide me a starting point?

Happy to discuss over PM.

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