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Poor Steps

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By Rob - Posted on 15 September 2009

Very poorly planned log steps. Note the distance is exactly that of an MTBs wheelbase which makes riding them very annoying.

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I found out about them on Saturday riding there for the first time interesting close aren't they

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surely not built by a rider, local council I presume?

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How'd you guess??! Sticking out tongue

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Yes... built by the local council. On a part of the track they later banned walkers from, thus confirming this trail was mostly used by bike riders. You would have thought the construction would account for that fact, but as you can see, sadly not.

Hopefully once the PoM for this area is sorted out some of the mistakes of the past can be rectified.

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this one has since been removed by council.

They acted pretty soon after we all complained. So it can be said they listen ... sometimes.

The really stupid and dangerous steps in the fall zone next to the technical drop near the hydraulics lab remain in place. The sharp and pointy edges have been planed off, but this does little to reduce the risk for serious injury.

Trail building standards FAIL.

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