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Privacy matters, and NoBMoB is totally committed to ensuring that your participation on our site protects that privacy.

Why do you collect personal information then?

The site collects information principally to verify you are a real person and not some sort of spambot before you participate in discussion, forums, post your content, etc.

What does NoBMoB do with registration information?

Nothing, honest! The details you enter when registering are completely private and will never be revealed to any third parties (well, OK, let's say Freddy organises that ride on Friday 13th which turns bad, and for some legal reason we are forced to hand over what we know - fair enough!).

That said, some information is for public display or consumption, and this is made very clear when you enter it. Mostly this will be visible to other registered users only.

And other info?

Comments and Forums

Of course anything you post in your comments and in the forum is completely open to anyone who happens to surf on by the site. For that reason we suggest you do not reveal personal details here - instead reference your profile (this is linked from your name at the top of each of your posts) which can include such things as public email and phone contact details.


Generally, polls are just for fun, there are only a handful of options and the results are public to all. Knowledge of who voted, and for what option is never available, even to the author.


Webforms are more complex and with these the author will be able to view all submissions. Do not enter your details on any forms unless you agree that the answers you provide may be used as described on the form. Also be aware that registered users are 'connected' to their submission on webforms, logout if you would like to respond anonymously.

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