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Title Distancesort icon Vertical Climb Vertical Drop
Mount Coramba DHMount Coramba DH

Mt Coramba DH Course.

2313m 18m -351m
Red Hill TechnicalRed Hill Technical

Small ride through Red Hill with lots of technical distractions along the way.

8283m 270m -272m
Appin WWS Course 2008Appin WWS Course 2008

Sweet, sweet single track with a few short sections of firetrail. Nice and technical too - loved it!

9067m 229m -227m
Mont '07 CircuitMont '07 Circuit

The well known (to those riding this for 24 hours!) course used for the 2007 Mont.

9163m 235m -235m
A bit of Perimeter Trail (from Durumbil Rd)A bit of Perimeter Trail (from Durumbil Rd)

About as easy as it gets: this out and back ride has a bit of single track to start/finish and the rest is pretty smooth firetrail. Idea for beginners.

9610m 172m -172m
Manly Dam - Main CircuitManly Dam - Main Circuit

One of Sydney's most popular rides - the famous mountain bike circuit around Manly Dam Reserve.

This is the basic loop, taking in some technical single track, some firetrail and some roads to link it all up.

9720m 255m -257m
Sydney Spring Fat Tyre Festival - 2007 LapSydney Spring Fat Tyre Festival - 2007 Lap

This is the course used for Sydney Spring Fat Tyre Festival - 8 1/4 hrs of Power (2007).

10.06Km 305m -288m
2007 WWS Circuit2007 WWS Circuit

Circuit as used by 2007 WWS race.

10.31Km 246m -249m
Town HousesTown Houses

A Nice loop up Hassans Walls, Across the main road, out toward Bracies Lookout and then dropping down the fast Town Houses single trail

11.24Km 450m -445m
Southide to Rydal explore 2Southide to Rydal explore 2

Nice loop out from Link rd to Rydal

12.07Km 275m -276m
Duck Hole + Centre TrackDuck Hole + Centre Track

If we describe this as an 'easy loop' that is a bit deceptive as there are a couple of nasty climbs, but also some fun water bar filled down hills. Nothing too technical though, this is a pure XC loop.

13.99Km 240m -240m
Perimeter Trail Out & Back (from Nerang Ave)Perimeter Trail Out & Back (from Nerang Ave)

All firetrail out and back from Nerang Ave. This is suggested for beginners, but has a few steeper sections (downhill) to start so that's uphill to finish you off.

14.01Km 280m -280m
Rydal near side loopRydal near side loop

A lap of the extended loop on the near side

14.38Km 260m -276m
Bairne + Soldiers Point + Portuguese + Topham TracksBairne + Soldiers Point + Portuguese + Topham Tracks

Easy out and back along Bairne tracks followed by slightly harder Topham Track.

14.55Km 398m -378m
McPhail's FiretrailMcPhail's Firetrail

McPhail's Firetrail

14.64Km 107m -711m
South side to Rydal explore 1South side to Rydal explore 1

Motor bike loops a bit of a mess with deadfall and ruts at the moment

15.00Km 444m -432m
Cascades from Wyatt AveCascades from Wyatt Ave

Single track loop, down Heath, up Quarry, along ridge, down Cascades and return. Easy fire trail with 2 big climbs.

15.12Km 458m -452m
West Head: Waratah + Elvina TracksWest Head: Waratah + Elvina Tracks

Two out and backs combined. Climb out of Elvina is a killer.

15.20Km 494m -495m
Bruce Ridge Singletrack & firetrailBruce Ridge Singletrack & firetrail

A lap of the perimeter single track at Bruce Ridge with the fire trail added on to the end.

16.10Km 386m -402m
Start of Fling Loop from BasecampStart of Fling Loop from Basecamp

Most of the first half of the Wingello route form '07/'08 Highland Flings

17.26Km 480m -485m
Glenbrook Coathanger (Euroka+Oaks)Glenbrook Coathanger (Euroka+Oaks)

Oaks (Up), Iron Barks(Down), Bennetts Ridge(up), Oaks(up), Oaks Single(down)

20.52Km 409m -409m
Lady Carrington DriveLady Carrington Drive

Pretty much as easy a mountain bike ride as you will find in Sydney, this out and back is perfect for beginners.

20.59Km 358m -339m
Mitchells Way - Gum Ridge loopMitchells Way - Gum Ridge loop

From the bottom of Mitchell's Way we climbed up to Gum Ridge then back through the pines.

20.70Km 851m -850m
Perimeter/Long/Cowan from Durumbil RdPerimeter/Long/Cowan from Durumbil Rd

Skipping part of Perimeter but including Cowan and sniggle.

21.05Km 388m -391m
Duck Hole + Chiltern + CentreDuck Hole + Chiltern + Centre

Similar to the Duck Hole + Centre loop plus Chiltern track added for some tougher climbing.

21.60Km 503m -501m

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