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Duck Hole + Centre Track

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Centre Track
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Duck Hole/Terrey Hills Trail

If we describe this as an 'easy loop' that is a bit deceptive as there are a couple of nasty climbs, but also some fun water bar filled down hills. Nothing too technical though, this is a pure XC loop.

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From the shops head off towards McCarrs Creek Road and North along there, turning left at number 301/303.

Duck Hole Entrance

100 metres or so of bitumen then through the gate to the ride proper. It starts a bit rocky and there are a couple of ups and downs but nothing too major. Things flatten out and can be a bit sandy along here, but then you come to the big downhill (you'll know when you get there). Weeeeeeeee.... but take it easy - some large channels can form in front of the water bars to catch unwary riders out.

At the bottom of here it's back on the sealed stuff for just a while. Turn right along the road then left and climb up West Head Road, following it round at the top (ie. round to the left, not turning right at the junction). 200m or so after there head left back into fire trail up a rather nasty pinch. Again, this won't last long and you'll be cruising gentle uphill ride. There's also a nice downhill section to have fun on and soon enough you'll be back at the road.

Turn left out of the trail but go straight on back towards Terrey Hills at the junction 50m later. In a few minutes (Ok, maybe 10) you'll be riding past number 301/303 again so know the way back to the start... or turn left and do the loop again?

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