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Rydal near side loop

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A lap of the extended loop on the near side

This is a loop of the usual trails on the near side.
The far end "Kempies come back" does cross private land. At the moment the owners are fine with us using it so long as it is respected. That said it is up for sale

Mt york Convict trails, all of 'em Gov'na

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Mount York

A full run of mt york

This is the best way to sample all the the convict trail on Mt york. Has some tough techi ups, which will have most people off and pushing now and then,

Some nice techi downs and some lovely flowy trail.

Starting at the bottom of Mt Vic pass the first 100m of Berghoffers is tough but doable with the hardest bit going over the drain as you pop back out onto the highway.

Grand AM Tour of the Walls

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Hassans Walls

Grand tour of the classic All Mountain trails on Hassans Wall

Wasn't sure how this one would end up.

Set off and caught a site of the rare and endangered Meggsie-on-a-bike, this is the second siting in 2 weeks so it appears they could be back from the brink of extinction. It was such an honour to interact with one in it's natural habitat....

Umm we headed on up and hit the Town House track and then came back around town where Meggsie decided that was enough for his second ride back in far too long.

Southide to Rydal explore 2

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Nice loop out from Link rd to Rydal

This one was a bit better.

South side to Rydal explore 1

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Motor bike loops a bit of a mess with deadfall and ruts at the moment

This one was tough. All the hills normally doable but the first bit of single trail is all but unrideable due to dead fall meaning I was off pushing far more than I would have liked

Mitchells Way - Gum Ridge loop

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Mount Canobolas Area

From the bottom of Mitchell's Way we climbed up to Gum Ridge then back through the pines.

Bruce Ridge Singletrack & firetrail

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Bruce Ridge

A lap of the perimeter single track at Bruce Ridge with the fire trail added on to the end.

Glenbrook Coathanger (Euroka+Oaks)

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The Oaks

Oaks (Up), Iron Barks(Down), Bennetts Ridge(up), Oaks(up), Oaks Single(down)

Start at the Glenbrook Ranger station and follow the oaks upto Iron Barks Picnic Area. Ride down into Euroka Clearing. Take a right and follow Bennetts Ridge Firetrail back onto the oaks. Continue riding up the oaks to the gate. Return to the Ranger station via the Oaks single track.

Check out the Euroka Oaks Hot Lap Challenge

Manly Dam - Main Circuit

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Manly Dam

One of Sydney's most popular rides - the famous mountain bike circuit around Manly Dam Reserve.

This is the basic loop, taking in some technical single track, some firetrail and some roads to link it all up.

Here's the pictorial guide to navigating around Manly Dam.

Starting at King Street, Manly Vale. By Manly Hydraulics Laboratory:


Head up Arana Street:

Corner King/Arana

Turn right up Gibb Street and past the school and into the carpark beside it:

Corner Arana/Gibb

Past school on your right (that's the fence just visible), through carpark and onto single track beyond. Some people like to start at this carpark too:

Carpark Entry

Kowan Loop with some single track

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Kowen Forest

A long loop around Kowan starting in the West. Mostly firetrail but with some single track in places.

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