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Mt york Convict trails, all of 'em Gov'na

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Mount York

A full run of mt york

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This is the best way to sample all the the convict trail on Mt york. Has some tough techi ups, which will have most people off and pushing now and then,

Some nice techi downs and some lovely flowy trail.

Starting at the bottom of Mt Vic pass the first 100m of Berghoffers is tough but doable with the hardest bit going over the drain as you pop back out onto the highway.

The climb up the marked and sign posted section of Berghoffers is far more pleasant than you'd assume. It was put in as an easier alternative to the highway as early model cars didn't have the power to get up Mitchells Ridge(Mt Vic pass) so it's a steady grade all the way up.

From the top you can head up the road a bit and duck into the optional single trail.

From here out the Coxes rd single trail to hook up with the top of Lockyers.

Lockyers is a real mountain bike trail with bits of everything. Fast, flowy, grin inducing trail. Short steep pinches. Technical downs. Rock hoping. Good all round mountain biking.

Now out along Heartly valley road and up Lawsons Long alley. This starts pleasant enough along farm road and some nice single trail. Once it starts pointing up it gets harder. Round the big left bend and you have two options. Challenge yourself and see how far you can ride and how few times you need to stop or dab or get off and push.
The push kinda blows but it's part of mountain biking and soon you get back on for the steepish but smooth run back to the top of Berghoffers.

Now you can head back in the single trail again. We were a bit pushed for time so hit the road till we got to the top of Lockyers and then followed the single trail that flows along side the road, first on the right then crossing to the left, past Badens look out and out to the end of Mt York.

From here take the steps to the right on Coxes rd. A flat out blast down the steps brings you to a Y intersection. You want to go right onto Coxes alternate. More steps, steep stuff small gaps and flat out twisty fun ensues.

From the bottom follow the trail along to the bottom of Lockyers and then up.

Up Lockyers! Sounds crazy but I prefer it to Lawsons. Don't get me wrong there's some tough climbing in it. But the tough stuff and short sections of hike a bike are at the bottom so you get it out of the road first then you get some lovely flowing trail with fun down bits. Then there is a long steady climb to the powerlines, with some short fast down bits. Then its pretty much down to the top of Berhoffers.

Finish with a flat out blast down Berghoffers.

Be aware of walkers on this one.
I normally don't do it on a weekend as that's when most walkers are out and about and there is some high speed blindish corners, so slow down a bit, control your speed and play nice

All in all I still think its one of the best rides around.

Um wait no I don't want a crowded trail, um the ride is crap. Not worth the drive, yeah that's it. Move along people nothing to see here. We'll keep it to ourselves you guys are betters off on the oaks or something....

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