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4 blown lungs

You ride 1-2 times a week offroad for 10k+ and you go to the gym 2-3 times a week. You would rate your fitness as good or above-average. You've done the Urban Polaris or Polaris Challenge.

Mt york Convict trails, all of 'em Gov'na

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Mount York

A full run of mt york

This is the best way to sample all the the convict trail on Mt york. Has some tough techi ups, which will have most people off and pushing now and then,

Some nice techi downs and some lovely flowy trail.

Starting at the bottom of Mt Vic pass the first 100m of Berghoffers is tough but doable with the hardest bit going over the drain as you pop back out onto the highway.

Grand AM Tour of the Walls

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Hassans Walls

Grand tour of the classic All Mountain trails on Hassans Wall

Wasn't sure how this one would end up.

Set off and caught a site of the rare and endangered Meggsie-on-a-bike, this is the second siting in 2 weeks so it appears they could be back from the brink of extinction. It was such an honour to interact with one in it's natural habitat....

Umm we headed on up and hit the Town House track and then came back around town where Meggsie decided that was enough for his second ride back in far too long.

Oaks + Mt Portal

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The Oaks

From Woodford down the Oaks adding on Mount Portal

Starting up at Woodford, ride down the Oaks firetrail. Ride down the Oaks single track until you hit a Firetrail and turn right. This will take you back out onto the Oaks Firetrail. Turn left and then right again. Signs will guide you to Mount Portal. There is a tough climb but the two lookouts make it worth while. Once you have taken in the views, return the way you came back to the single track and enjoy the rest of your ride to Glenbrook.

Womerah Range, Great Northern Road & Western Commission

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Great Northern Road
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Womerah Range

Long training route involving some road, some steep climbs and the best technical part of Great Northern Road. Great training ride for the Dirtworks events based in St Albans.

Choose to park at either the East or West crossing on the Wisemans Ferry side. You'll have to ride between the two points which isn't included in the profile below or stats, but is an easy 1.2km ride.

Wherever you park, take the West (Webbs Creek) ferry across and ride along St Albans road. After 5.3km on the black stuff you'll find a left turn into the fire trail. This is the beginning of the Womerah Range and a steep climb:

Bring on the Pain

Big Royal National Park Loop

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Royal National Park

Large loop from Loftus Oval down to Lady Carrington Drive, up the road - maybe a little too much road for some Sad - then back into the Park to finish with some nice single track and firetrail.

South Sniggle

It used to be possible to ride along a firetrail between Waterfall and Heathcote trail stations, but no more. Note the GPS trail where I went looking for that trail and found it blocked.

At least the road section of this ride is dealt with quite quickly and then it's back into the park for some fun on the single track and firetrail sections there. Just past Heathcote station, this route enters the park again along the Bottle Forest trail:

Bottle Forest

From there it's easy to get a little lost so best to follow the GPS attached.

Nepean + Oaks + St Helena

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St Helena
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The Oaks

Up the Oaks taking in Pisgah Ridge, not quiet to the top then return via St Helenas hike-a-bike section.

Horrible hike a bike at the end, but...

St Helena Ben

Think on the attached GPS trail we were meeting guys coming from the top and turned round when we found them.

Maxxis Coffs Mountain Marathon 2007 (50Km route)

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Pine Creek (Cows & Guns)

50Km route from the 2007 race.

Mooney Mooney from Brieses Rd

Tough Mooney Mooney ride incorporating 'The Bucket' first then the trail by the Creek. Four big climbs and especially tough way to finish.

This ride includes a lot of firetrail, some of it pretty technical due to the nature of the rough surface. A great challenge!

Rough Descent

Bucket Fire Trail

There's also the creek crossing to contend with... probably not a good idea after heavy rain:

Slippery Rocks

Andersons + The Oaks

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The Oaks

Tougher than it sounds - one way from Wentworth Falls to Glenbrook via Andersons and The Oaks.

Small side trip at Woodford to the store for some supplies. Apparently the Woodford store has now closed so the direct route is shown below:

The Best of Great Northern Road from Wisemans Ferry

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Great Northern Road

From the ferry up Devines Hill, to Clares Bridge and return via Shepherds Gully and the road.

This is a great out and back taking in the best parts of Great Northern Road.

Park on the South side of the river (by the kiosk) and take the ferry across.

Turn left and 500m or so you'll see the gated entrance to Devines Hill on the right. Cross the road and ride up there. This is a nice smooth almost gravel type of surfaced road and although a big slog (around 180m vertical) is easy if taken at your own pace.

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