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Mount Coramba

At a Glance

Status: Unknown
Single Track - Enclosed:
1 for 2.1km (100%)
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Awesome Downhill course from the top of Mt. Coramba, Coffs Harbour.

Meeting Point: 

At the very top I'd say is the meeting spot, room for a few cars I guess at a squeeze! Or a little lower there are clearings at a few junctions.

-30.219200,153.054000 (Mt. Coramba Rd)
Full Description: 

Drive from Pacific Highway (heading nth) and turn left into Bucca Rd. (past sapphire beach), then go left into Central Bucca Rd, and follow a bit, and you'll come to a right into Mt. Coramba Rd. follow this uphill for ages till you get to the top you'll notice a coms tower there.

Starting at the top, hidden a bit behind the tower, through some long grass, and appearing to go the wrong way! It's steep, technical and unforgiving. (I skipped this part first up cause I didn't have the balls!, and started a touch down the road at the next clearing). Passing by a power generator looking thing, it smooths out into an awesomely fast, flowing single track, with big and small jumps and berms throughout... coming out at the dirt road a bit further down, with some more jumps (some huge) it cuts through some beautiful lush forest and some big bridges and drops over fallen massive trees and other obstacles, anything hairy having b-lines, some actually signposted prior to reaching them. A few padded trees along the way too Smiling

Then, more windy fast single track with several options of lines, coming out again at the dirt road with a few jumps to finish it off (see pics).

You can continue further down the road (at high speeds :)- like 65kp/h+) and you will find a few sections it looks like the locals are working on, maybe to link to the rest of the course? including a big bowly shaped thing which looks like loadsa fun...then u can ride down the dirt road to the bottom, is super fast and about another km or 2 Smiling

Also, I suggest not driving a dainty car to the top, about half way up it gets very steep and rocky, and I think u would damage a little charade or something! we came up in a van, 2wd, was fine, wouldn't have been so forgiving in the Mitsubishi Verada though!

There is also a big XC course down closer to the pacific highway on Bucca Rd. opposite the water treatment plant - but I didn't get to do that, it looks awesome though.

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Mount Coramba DH
Mount Coramba DH (2.31Km)

Mt Coramba DH Course.

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