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Kanangra-Boyd National Park

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Status: Unknown
Double Track:
1 for 0.5km (1%)
6 for 49km (99%)
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Loads of fantastic fire trail in the wilderness. Nothing too technical and no particularly steep hills from what I know.

Meeting Point: 

Carpark by Kanangra Walls. About 60Km South of Jenolan on dirt road.

-33.988355 150.108817
Full Description: 

Oh, if only this were closer to Sydney... makes this 225.69 km & 2h58m from my front door Sad

To quote the NSW Parks & Wildlife, "This park is part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. Vast gorges, high lookouts and wild and scenic rivers lend Kanagra-Boyd's wilderness a rugged and dramatic grandeur. Thurat Spires, Kanangra Walls and Mount Cloudmaker provide sandstone scenery on a majestic scale." (sic.)

The place is literally riddled with fire trails and a few walking tracks. Have only visited here once, but will certainly return, a few of these that we managed to hear about or ride are on the map above.

On the one visit, the plan was to ride Mount Thurat and then across to the road on King Pin. There are others going North of King Ping (in fact, as I say, there are trails everywhere), but thought that would be far enough. From there the plan was to head back on Boyd River or Kowmung River, then Morong Creek and the road back to the start.

Now, that was the plan. A ranger told us Mount Thurat was closed and very rocky and we wouldn't like it (could we read that to be technical?). No drama, headed out on the road, then Morong Creek and up Kowmung River, returning via Boyd River, Morong and the road. This turned out to be a bit longer than expected - with a side trip to see the walls as the light faded this was just under 42Km all up.

All in all, a top day and excellent riding place. The only tiny downside is that these trails are open to 4WD and a couple passed us. Let's not hold it against the place though - there were none on Boyd River and this was Easter weekend so you would expect it to be busy. There's a marked camp site, and free camping (as in - camp anyplace you like) allowed all over the park - so given the distance from Sydney could be a nice weekend outdoors.

Ride Profiles Here
Kanagra-Boyd by Fire Trail
Kanagra-Boyd by Fire Trail (41.46Km)

An easy (though long) loop through some of the fire/management trails of Kanangra-Boyd.

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10 years 29 weeks ago
Kanangra Classic 2011 12 years 30 weeks ago
NPWS Morong Falls bike tour 15 years 27 weeks ago

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