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Mount Tianjara

At a Glance

Status: Unknown
Double Track:
1 for 2.6km (4%)
10 for 64km (96%)
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Miles and miles of firetrail with spectacular views all around. Is this a cross country rider's dream?

Meeting Point: 

Drive up to the plateau from Nowra to the North, or Princes Highway to the East. Coming from the East you'll pass Boyd Lookout which is as good a place as any.

-35.174196 150.368387 (Boyd Lookout)
Full Description: 

This area is part of the huge Morton National park, and as if that park wasn't enough, is bordered by state forest to the North and East. I'm sure one could easily string together 100s of Km of trail if required. Our report is named 'Mount Tianjana' after the 768m peak around which a huge plateau lies (all at 450m+ altitude) which contains plenty of trail and challenge without even having to think about descending (and of course then climbing back) up there.

That said, if one were looking for the ultimate challenge, I'd imagine a ride up Twelve Mile Road from the Princes highway, then south along Tianjara Fire Trail, down off the plateau near it's Southern end and back North to the starting point would be very tough. The trails in the state forest to the East would probably even make this possible without touching much more than a Km or so of the highway.

View From Boyd Lookout

Phew, but I digress... as this is a decent trek from Sydney there's only been one visit so we'll stick to the stuff up on the plateau around Mt Tianjara.

Tianjara Fire Trail

We rode Tianjara Fire Trail from North to South, starting at the junction with Kangaroo Hill Link Trail after taking the easy option and driving up to this point (a tricky business in itself - 4WD is advised). As eluded to earlier, this is all firetrail so forget it if you want technical or downhill challenges - and I get the impression all the other stuff up here is pretty much that way too. The track is very nice though and has a few climbs tough enough to be a worthy challenge - especially on the return leg where either one's legs are tired or they really are steeper.

Over to the East you'll find fantastic vistas of the coast, all the way to Jervis Bay. Heading along Tianjara there are also views to the West, of hills that seem to stretch on forever.

Given the comment about driving up here of course one has to bear in mind that this is firetrail and you might meet a couple of vehicles. On a long weekend which you might imagine to be busier than most we passed a few 4WDs, a few trail trail bikes and a few walkers, but for the most part the trip seemed miles from civilisation with just those views to gaze at in awe.

Mount Bushwalker

If 'views' seems to be overused in this report then please forgive - apparently though, these are even better from the end of the Mt Bushwalker Trail. And mentioning that, there's a bit of confusion here... the topo map has an un-named firetrail marked that heads South West from the junction with Tianjara Fire Trail. There is a sign at that junction though (and a small car park) which has a map with another trail heading almost due West to the peak of Mt Bushwalker. We missed out on that, but next time this trail to the peak is an absolute must!

And the rest...

South from Mount Bushwalker the trail begins to drop to what is marked on the topo as Little Forest Plateau. There's a dam there and a few more marked trails to the South which I'm sure are well worth exploring (as with the rest of them, going right up to cliff edges).

Sadly we didn't get experience these, but as with all new places, left wanting to return and check out what had been missed.

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