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Penrose State Forest

At a Glance

Status: Unknown
Double Track:
5 for 5.6km (8%)
13 for 59km (88%)
Single Track - Enclosed:
4 for 2.2km (3%)
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Penrose used to have quiet a bit of juicy single track. Those that did the first Highland Fling back in 2005 will remember this. Sadly a lot of this has been logged. There are small parts left and perhaps the trail fairies have been busy? Or perhaps you just like riding round forest firer trail as there's lots of that here too.

Meeting Point: 

Corner of Old Argyle Road & Ferndale Road.

Old Argyle Road and Ferndale Road, NSW
Full Description: 

Summary says it all really. Would love to hear there was more single track in here than we know about.

As those that ride the Highland Fling may know the ride out North up Old Argyle road is a doozy. Run from the Lush Double Track part up near the yatch club to the bike wash and onto that is great. A few rocks and stuff on Old Argyle (if you take the shorter option) could be fun unless you've already ridden 90Km Eye-wink

Ride Profiles Here
Easy Penrose Loop
Easy Penrose Loop (28.85Km)

Nice loop just under 30Km taking in the best bits of the forest... and sadly a few not very exciting parts to be sure to sprint those Eye-wink

Past & Future Ride Meetings Here
Title When
2014 Highland Fling 9 years 26 weeks ago
2013 Highland Fling 10 years 26 weeks ago
Highland Fling 2012 11 years 26 weeks ago
2011 Highland Fling 12 years 26 weeks ago
2010 Highland Fling 13 years 25 weeks ago

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