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About Us

The NoBMoB is a group of riders who enjoy getting out on the Mountain Bike, the fresh air, the fitness and enjoying good company whilst all that exercise is happening. Everybody is welcome to ride - beginner through to advanced - we regularly do rides that are good for experienced and not so experienced riders.

Why not a club?

This is about mountain biking! Most complaints you hear are - club takes all your time and no time to ride! If you want to start a club - go for it - I am sure there are plenty of people who will advise - and who knows we may incorporate one day but I will probably have to break both my legs first! There are plenty of organised events and clubs if you are in to racing, adventure racing, endurance, cycle-rogaining, Teva, x-terra etc - but come along with us for some company on your training if you like!

Why a website?

A bulletin board and blog for your group - we've met a lot of great people mountain biking and have some enduring friendships as a result - and you ALWAYS have someone to go for a ride with!

Plus, it's a great place to stash a lot of info about the MTB tracks and trails around Sydney. Read the site and use the info, do some rides on your own if you like, that's fine with us. If you find a mistake or what to comment or update then please go ahead, this is community authoring so feel free.

What if I can't ride a bike?

We've been out with plenty of people who have never ridden, and plenty of people that ride 100's of km a week. How does it work? If you are a good rider, ride ahead and wait at the fork, turnoff t-junction. If you are not-so-good, we'll wait for you and even give you a few seconds to catch your breath! However, some rides do require a level of fitness - If you are a beginner, I would absolutely recommend you join us at Manly Dam - this is great for beginners through to more advanced riders.

How to contact us / Site Issues?

If you are having difficulties with this site, or have any other inquiries or questions you can contact us via email at [email protected].

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